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Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China attracts a large segment of tourists, especially history and nature enthusiasts, due to its ancient history with ancient Chinese kingdoms that had a major role in its construction, and its distinguished location in the midst of the picturesque nature between mountains and valleys, which helped in the inclusion of the Great Wall of China within the wonders of the world The seven heritage sites worldwide.

Geographical location

The Great Wall of China crosses the Republic of China along its north and northwest regions, starting from Chenhuangdao in the Gulf of the Yellow Sea in the east to Gaotai in Gansu in the west, as well as crossing Beijing towards Handen.

Construction date

The construction of the Great Wall of China dates back to about 2000 years ago, when construction was carried out in the era of spring and autumn and the age of the fighting kingdoms in that period, and the wall was built for a comprehensive defense goal of the Mamluks that were established in that region, and the section of the Wall of China in that period to nine Military fences, each headed by a military commander and a large number of soldiers. The number of soldiers along its length ranged to about one million, in addition to specialized restoration workers in each area of ​​the fence.

Fence construction specifications

The Great Wall of China covers a vast area of ​​2,400 km2. The wall consists mainly of a large group of solid stone and clay, with a width of 6 meters in most of its areas. As for its upper areas, they are less wide by 3.7 meters, while its height varies from one area to another so that it does not decrease About 3 m at its lowest altitude and no more than 8 m at its maximum height.

The wall contains a large number of guard towers, where one of them is found in every 200 meters of its length, and the brick-coated wall of the wall in the eastern regions of the country helped to preserve the wall and prevent its collapse, while many of its effects disappeared in the southern regions, and the structure of the wall is distinguished in The desert areas are composed of stones and willows, while the part located in the northwestern regions consists of bricks and compact soil.

Milestones of the fence

The Great Wall of China contains a number of military barracks, watchtowers and others to alert enemies and secret corridors in addition to a number of offensive installations in the event of an external danger, it also contains rooms to store food and supplies for soldiers, and a waterway to collect rain water through it and automatically exit it outside the wall, To prevent any damage to its construction due to its flooding.

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