Information about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

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Hanging Gardens of Babylon

The gardens of Babylon are considered among the seven wonders of the world, as they were a distinctive architectural artifacts because they are suspended in the air using a large number of stone pillars, and huge numbers of palm branches were used in their construction, where the entire structure supported a large weight of good and paved soil, as it was planted It has a varied set of trees, fruits, and vegetables with great care, and the water is delivered to it through the different pumps and channels spread in it.

Description of the Gardens of Babylon

The Babylon Gardens were built in the city of Babylon in the State of Iraq, by order of the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II in response to the request of his wife Amitis, who came from a land of a green nature and found the city of Babylon of a dry nature and does not rain on its land, and was formed by filling stone pillars Hollow cube in the form of a soil that contains many types of plants from which plants were imported from other places, and watered using water raised through serial pumps, as found in Babylon columns and leaded stone tiles, in addition to the fountains that give The place is cooler to add This is due to its role in watering crops.

The structure of the hanging gardens of Babylon

There are many different theories related to the gardens of Babylon and its location, where researchers pointed out that the gardens were in the foot on the roof, and others indicated that the gardens were built inside the walls of the royal palace in Babylon, which is currently in southern Iraq, which are gardens on the roof placed on A series of runways irrigated by pumps from the Euphrates, as they were not actually suspended but were high in the air.


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