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The geographical location of the Harrana Palace

The Harrana Palace is located in the desert of Jordan, and is located along the international road leading to Zarqa Governorate, and it is located 65 kilometers from the Jordanian capital (Amman), and it rises above the sea level by a distance of 659 meters, and the reason for the name of the palace by this name is indicated by its occurrence in Wadi Harrana It is a place on which a thousand stone trays are spread on its surface, which are called the name of Alhurra.

The history of the building of the Harrana Palace

It is noteworthy that the construction of the Harrana Palace was during the reign of Al-Walid bin Abdul Malik, in the year 710 AD, and the evidence for this is the presence of Kufic writing on the door of one of the rooms on the second floor of the palace. With its strength and the beauty of its shape, this palace is unique in that it is the only building between the Umayyad desert palaces built for protection and defense purposes.

Harrana Palace

Al-Harrana Palace takes a similar shape to the shape of a square-built castle, and engineering studies confirm that the length of each side is up to 35 meters, and this palace retains its old construction, but one of its northern parts is excluded, as one side of the roof was exposed to the fall, due to stripping factors These factors resulted in the emergence of basic building materials used in the construction of the palace, including: soft sandstone, local clay, and solid iron pillars. The Harrana Palace consists of two floors, and the floors consist of 61 rooms, and these rooms meet in an open courtyard, similar to the large hall. The vast, and there is a place throughout To collect rainwater, animal facilities, places for servants, windows for ventilation and sunlight entry, there are decorations on the inner walls but no decoration on the outer walls, and this Umayyad building and architecture is distinguished by its unparalleled architecture of its splendor and beauty, as this engineering makes it a building The palace is more like a castle, and the palace of al-Harranah stands in every corner of its corners on a circular tower, and between them there is a semicircular tower.

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