Information about the large market in Dubai

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Information about the big market in Dubai is one of the old markets that exist in Dubai, it is like the Khan Al Khalili market in Egypt, it includes many clothes, accessories and fabrics, but it does not belong to a specific type, so we find in the big market Chinese and Indian products and different and embroidered products, as it stands out Its role in pushing the wheel of production in Dubai with its products that are popular with tourists of different nationalities, shapes and colors, so what is the secret of their attraction to this market in Dubai, and what are the exhibits it offers, Arab travelers give you all information about the big market through this article Follow us.

The big market in Dubai

  • It is one of the old traditional markets that preserves its luxury and folklore in what is offered by products dominated by old fabrics, which vary from antiques to clothes, accessories and gold.
  • It is located in the Bur Dubai area in the Emirates.
  • Its history dates back to 1850 AD, and therefore it is one of the most important and oldest commercial markets in Dubai.
  • It also has about fifty thousand shops.
  • It is built in an integrated manner with the ancient buildings that are in harmony with the other forms of buildings that surround them, as if to draw a beautiful painting that combines the buildings and the market.
  • Market trade possesses the vast majority of those products that are sold in the large market, which has spread to other markets, such as the Mina Baz market, which is taken from the Indian raw materials mainly in its trade.
  • This market offers a mixture of unique Indian perfumes, incense and spices that attract many tourists to buy.
  • There is transportation on the big market that facilitates the shopping and transportation process from one place to another.
  • It has features that attract many tourists in its beautiful lighting and different architectural structures in the construction style, and provide the ingredients and good infrastructure of water and sanitation, and others.
  • Offer a lot of products such as food, spices, fabrics, textiles, and gold at low prices compared to the shops that are located outside the big market in Dubai.
  • He sells spices, spices, dates, fish and natural oils, in addition to antiques, galabiyas, tablecloths, pillows and handicrafts.
  • The products are offered at very low prices compared to the prices in other markets.

    Information about the large market in Dubai

    Dear reader, we offer you a bunch of new information about this ancient market, the big market in Dubai, which includes:

  • There is a large market in Dubai a lot of markets such as the binoculars market, which sells mirrors decorated with drawings and trees, and the charcoal market of the most important products of firewood, mouth and dish papers, there is also the gold market, and the perfume market, which includes incense, sandal and oud.
  • The old market offers the finest spices and herbs that can be eaten, as it comes from India and China.
  • The popularity of cold juices, especially lemon, is increasing in the summer, because of its delicious taste and coldness required in this season.
  • The stores were only twenty-five stores.
  • A lot of expansion took place in the big market, which gave it a lot of luster and appeal.
  • Restoration began in the big market in Dubai in 1994, as it added many important ingredients to this place and provided basic infrastructure for it.
  • It is located directly in the Deira district, and is located in the Bur Dubai area.
  • This market is surrounded by many residential buildings that many live in.

The best popular market in Dubai

Popular markets in Dubai differ and vary, and below we show you the most important ones that you can go to and shop with:

Al Fahidi Market

It is one of the distinguished markets distinguished by its unique design that instantly attracts shoppers, as it is the market that offers many products such as gold, textiles, fabrics, antiques, gold and accessories.

Perfume market

It is the market that when you enter it reaches your nose the scent of a unique fragrance that refreshes your feelings and renews your energy, and it is one of the markets that contains many shops specialized in selling beautiful perfumes, as it offers perfumes of various types of French and Arabic, in addition to other products that offer them like stones Oil and incense, as this market is located near the gold market.

Al-Morshed Market

Al-Murshid Market contains many other commercial markets that sell special products such as selling perfumes, incense and aromatic fats and the markets that a visitor can buy from them gifts and wholesale products that provide money to them, as he sells these products all at low prices and popular, as it is one of the oldest and most ancient markets In the Ras district, in Dubai, UAE.

gold market

It is one of the markets that is witnessing heavy demand from customers because it offers golden products at low prices, in addition to the display of emeralds, diamonds and sapphires from bracelets, rings, hoops and anklets, as it also sells diamonds that are preferred by many girls of our time.

Cloth market

The cloth market is full of many clothing products made of different fabrics, from which Jalabiyas, dresses and abayas are made, as it is characterized by the cheap prices sold.
The big market in Dubai is one of the beautiful markets that is characterized by the abundance of its products and cheap prices, where many tourists prefer to go to it because of its unique fabrics and gold.


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