Information about the Leaning Tower of Pisa

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Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Tower of Pisa was built to be a tower on which the bell of the Cathedral of Pisa was placed, and the site was chosen to overlook the Square of Miracles, in the state of Tuxana in Italy, and the Roman style was followed in its construction, and tilts five degrees from its vertical axis, and its inclination was not planned by the supervising engineer The rest of the constellations of the churches were supposed to resemble the churches, in addition to the inclination of the buildings making them close to collapse, and he was exposed in the Second World War to the danger of destruction by the American forces, as most of the Pisa towers were destroyed at the time, but was saved by a decision to withdraw at the last moment Today it is counted Jaib Seven, is the most important tourist destinations frequented by visitors to Italy.

Building the Leaning Tower of Pisa

High-quality white marble stones were chosen for the construction of the Tower of Pisa, and construction began on the ninth of August in the year one thousand one hundred and seventy-three A.D., and its construction continued for one hundred and ninety years, during which construction stopped several times, and therefore its construction was divided into three phases, and the first phase It is from the start of its construction until the completion of the third floor in the year one thousand one hundred and seventy-eight AD, and the stoppage was due to the discovery of its tilt, and the construction remained like this for a hundred years. The construction resumed in the year one thousand two hundred and seventy-two AD, where four additional floors were built but with A slight inclination to correct the defect, M stopped construction work again in the year one thousand three hundred and one for one and seventy years, to resume again building another floor, and finally the installation of the bell.
The tower of Pisa consists of eight floors, with a height of about fifty-six meters, and its mass is fourteen thousand and five hundred tons, and has stairs consisting of two hundred and ninety-four degrees, and recently an electric elevator has been added.

The reason for Milan Leaning Tower of Pisa

The reason for its inclination is due to the looseness of the land below it, so the soil falls over time, causing this tendency, and this appeared to the architects in the first stages of construction, yet they continued to build according to this tendency, and during the construction of the fifth floor they tried to modify this tendency, and return the tower to its center of balance, but they They failed, and that was in the year one thousand two hundred and seventy-five AD, and from that time until now the architects are trying to build pillars of the tower to reduce its inclination, so that it does not fall, and in the year one thousand nine hundred and prevent the tourists from going up to it, as it is deemed to fall at any moment, and its doors reopened In the late 2000’s, After many efforts that were carried out to make it stable and safe for visitors.


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