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Information about the mask festival in Venice, Italy

New information about the Venice Masks Festival and the most beautiful entertainment places in Italy, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and the most distinguished in terms of vitality and activity, the Italian people are fun and unmissable people suitable for dancing, fun, and the introduction of pleasure on the heart. ? And when is the festival? Here are the most important details for Arab travelers.

What is a carnival

  • The carnival is a popular occasion, where many shows are made in all the streets of the region, and each carnival has a specific time that people wait for it to celebrate, and prepare to receive it, which is a Catholic tradition.
  • Many countries are famous for their carnivals, and tourists are keen on them at this time of the year. Festivals events are impressive, full of vitality and vitality.

Venice in February

  • The celebration takes place in February in the country of Italy, Valentine’s Day, and additional celebrations are also represented in the Venice Festival, which is one of the largest and most beautiful festivals and carnivals around the world, and it takes place every year, starting from the days before the forgiveness of about 58 days, which lasts until the date of Eid Forgiveness for two months.
  • The Venice Festival begins on February 11 every year and lasts until February 21 and is the festival we know today. The festival is held under the name of La Vita Teatro! And Totti in Machira, which in Arabic means life is the stage! Here is the time to wear masks. Celebrations are usually held in the arenas, but the opening takes place at a large theater in St. Mark’s. You will find a lot of exciting events every day in the festival all over Venice from the huge marches, which have delightful colors as people walk from all directions and towards the city heading to the theatrical show in addition to the concerts that are held in the square in a beautiful poetic way.

Venice Masks Festival:

  • The Venice Festival, also called the Carnival of Venice, was born to celebrate the victory the city achieved in the war it fought with Aquileia in 1162 AD.
  • Since that time people have taken to the streets to celebrate, dance and cheer, and the crowd has been in the squares of St. Mark’s. During the Renaissance, the activities of the festival decreased, but again, it took place since the year 1979 AD, when the government in Italy announced the return of the festival as a kind of pride in the heritage, preserving the cultures and traditions of the city, and at the same time it is one of the tourist attractions in it, as more than 30,000 tourists flock to the city. In order to participate in this magical festival every day.
  • The end of the Venice Festival is with the latest activities called the Silent Water Procession, which starts from 11 pm on February 21, when the participants return to the Grand Canal, and the road is enlightened through dazzling burners.
  • Activities to do at the Venice Festival:

    • There are many activities that you can take part in if you visit Venice at the festival, including tailoring brightly colored clothes, in order to walk in the huge marches.
    • You can spend the whole day enjoying parties on the street, while participating in the various recreational activities that take place in the city every day of the clown with masks.
    • You can walk around the city, see the streams, hear the purl of water, learn more about the tourist places in it and visit St. Mark’s Church, which is one of the oldest churches around the world.
    • You can visit the Doge’s Palace early in the morning to learn about this antique effect, and in the afternoon you will be able to ride the gondola that will carry you in the waters of the pure city with transparent water, and it would be great if you tried the famous Italian ice cream.
    • As for arriving in Venice, there are two huge airports near it, choosing the airport that suits you best in terms of prices, and many airlines offer flights to them, the most famous of which are Italy, France and the United States of America, and Marco Polo International Airport is only 8 km from the city, while Treviso Airport is about 24 km from the city center and there are many transportation links between them.

    Venetian Masks:

    • Masks are one of the main items of the Venice Festival. Usually, the masks are made of natural leather or glass that has a variety of bright colors. Most of the masks are simple, yet deep and nicely different.
    • As for the idea of ​​people wearing masks in the festival, it has a wide history as the inventors of the festival idea at the beginning, they wanted to remove the class differences from society permanently, by the participation of all people from all the city’s residents in the festival, by hiding their identity with masks, This is to make everyone feel that they are both under the roof of the festival, and that everyone can do whatever they like without the authority of anyone on him, and not to abide by the restrictions imposed by class and capitalism on society.
    • In the Festival of Masks, nobles and rulers can wander through the large crowds, without anyone being able to know their identity, and the poor can disagree with the sons of the rich without anything to prevent this, or affect their dealings with each other, and this is the secret of the festival’s success and being attractive to the population and exciting To participate in its activities.

    The traditions of the Venetian masks:

    • In the past, Venetian masks were distinguished by their delicacy, beauty, and simplicity in composition, no one exaggerated decorating their own mask, and the mask often had a certain connotation or symbol.
    • While today the mask industry has evolved, it has been made of leather or plaster in an accurate manner, and with great care, and it is colored with beautiful fine colors by hand. Some who adhere to the festival customs exaggerate decorating their mask by adding precious jewelry and precious stones to make their shape attractive, attractive and elegant At the same time.

    Types of Venetian Masks:

    There are three main types of Venetian masks:

  • Buta mask: It is one of the masks that cover the entire face. The mask extends from the beginning of the face to the chin, and there is no mouth opening in the mask, nor a lot of adornment, and some masks do not include the whole face as it covers only the upper side of the face without covering the cheeks or nose. This allows breathing freely. It is the reason most people prefer it.
  • Moretta mask: With a velvety tone, it covers only half of the face and is the mask of choice for most women at the Venice Film Festival.
  • Volt mask: Which is the most used and simplest masks of the Festival of Venice.
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