We offer you the 10 best cities in Thailand for tourism and entertainment, Thailand is an amazing country full of activities that you can do, and the various places that you can visit, it is home to amazing temples, night markets, and cities that mix history with the present that deserve you to visit in one day. For more details, follow us on Arab travelers.

The best cities of Thailand


The capital of Thailand is one of the most popular places to visit in the whole of Southeast Asia, and Bangkok is characterized by a number of appearances that attract tourists, such as skyscrapers, and widespread markets, in addition to a large number of archaeological sites such as shrines and temples.
Bangkok has a bustling nightlife and fine cuisine. There are many old villages more than 200 years old, and the color diversity of the city and the energy that emanates from it.
Monks go sail in yellow robes as in movies, and despite the spread of markets you should make sure to use your bargaining skills.

Chiang Mai

The city is characterized by its many temples, which number more than 300, and it is also a suitable place to relax after touring the rest of the tourist cities, and away from Bangkok one hour by plane.
The city is famous for its Thai massage places, and restaurants that offer delicious dishes, with narrow walks that make you feel on an exciting adventure.
Chiang Mai is the place for those who feel uncomfortable in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. You can also enjoy nature trips that match the city’s beautiful location, with its rainforests and exciting caves.


It is one of the largest cities in Thailand, located 80 km north of Bangkok, and is characterized by ruins and remains that indicate a great civilization in the past, so it is of course one of the best places of historical tourism in Thailand.
The city also features the river public market, where you can shop by boat passing through the shops smoothly and smoothly.
It also features many temples and monasteries, guest houses and cafes, and places of tourist recreation.

Chiang Rai

It is a mountain city in northern Thailand, with many ancient temples and tribal villages along the Mekong River.
It has many attractions and cultural temples, places of art, music, and restaurants with delicious and innovative cuisine.
It is part of what is known as the Golden Triangle, is famous for its black and white temples, and the best way to enjoy the enchanting beauty of the city is to ride a quiet boat on the Mekong River.


It is a city located at the meeting point of the Kwai Noi and Kwai Yai River, and the city is famous for its waterfalls and national parks.
The most attractive place for tourists in the city is the “death rail” that was built in World War II, the bridge over Kwai, and the Allied War Cemetery, which is a famous historical place.
The city became more famous after the novel “The Bridge Over the Kwai River”, and the city has many shops for history and nature lovers.
What makes it one of the most beautiful cities in the country are waterfalls, caves and kayaking trips on the River Kwai, elephant reserve and national parks.


It is a beautiful beach resort located along the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, and is famous for its wonderful beaches, water parks, nature beauty, religious temples, and long streets.
It also boasts an amazing nightlife full of unforgettable appearances, and is an ideal destination for adventure and party lovers.
Despite the explosive aspects of life in the city, its beautiful beaches are characterized by calm, with swaying palm groves, and a clear blue sky, so it is suitable for all visitors with different tastes.
There are also water sports, relaxing tropical climates, botanical and amusement parks, temples, markets and luminous streets.
The city is divided into 3 sections in the north, center and south, each offering something different from the other in beautiful mixture and harmony.


Or Sukhothai, the city is characterized by the many temples of up to 190 temples, and the city is of great historical value, it is the first Thai capital created, and it is also known as the cultural and political hometown of Thailand.
You can also enjoy the adventures of mountain tours, camping in the waterfall, and you can also attend the famous Loi Krathong Festival in Thailand, which takes place annually with the full moon in November, with a number of beautiful shows.


Tourist resort is very popular among Thai citizens and foreign tourists, and it is known as the place of the original Thai beach, and many tourists come to enjoy its tranquility, as it is one of the active ports for fishermen.
The city enjoys combining the charm of the past with modern facilities, and from the activities that the city is famous for golf, as well as some historical places such as the historic Kai Ganguan Palace.

Nojai Kai

On the southern bank of the Mekong River is the town of Nogai Kai, which is characterized by many waterfalls, riverside villages, forest temples, and peaceful landscapes.
The city is also known as Naga, and it is a model that is different from the rest of the culture in Thailand, so it has a growing tourist industry, and one of the most important attractions is the sculpture park, the large market, the friendly locals, and the Great Lent Festival.


Characterized by its rich history and culture, it is one of the most comfortable and vibrant cities, as well as a place of scenic waterfalls and forests.
Chantaburi is an ideal destination for all tourists, in addition to the previous many other natural attractions, such as hills and the shore of the river, as well as delicious fruits and seafood.
It is one of the best and cheapest cities in which you can eat different types of seafood, as well as tropical fruits especially durian fruit.
There are many Thai and Chinese temples in this city, and a number of appearances of a rich heritage nature in the city.

Thailand cities map

Thailand cities

These were the ten best cities in Thailand. Follow us on the Arab travelers to receive all new updates, and may you stay in the safety of God.

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