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المسافرون العرب

Dear reader, we present to you through our article today, Arab travelers, information about the Netherlands in Arabic, which is one of the developed European countries, and it is located specifically in the northwest of the continent of Europe, and from the south bordered by Belgium, while on the west and north it is bordered by the North Sea, and on the east Germany is present, As for the rest of the Netherlands, we find that it consists of three islands located in the Caribbean Sea.
The Netherlands is one of the European Union and NATO countries, and during the following lines we will talk in some detail about this wonderful country, and we will offer you information about the Netherlands and its most famous tourist attractions.

Information about the Netherlands in Arabic

  • The Netherlands and Nedsland are not a single entity, but we find that the country of the Netherlands expresses specifically the country’s west coast region, and includes Rotterdam and Amsterdam.
  • The highest point inside the Netherlands is the Wallisberg hill, and it reaches a height of about 322 meters above sea level. As for the rest of the places and lands, we find it is flat, or it is located at a level lower than the sea level.
  • The Netherlands is known for its extensive bike circulation, with numbers reaching 18 million.
  • One of the most passionate countries for kickboxing in the world, and many of its sons won various world titles in it.
  • New Zealand and Australia were discovered by Dutch sailors, and that was during the year 1606 AD and 1642 AD, and the Dutch called Australia New Zealand, meaning the New Netherlands, while New Zealand took its name from the Dutch province of Zeeland and thus its name became New Zealand (New Zealand).
  • If we talk about tulips, we will find that it is a national symbol inside the Netherlands, although it was not originally in the Netherlands, but was imported from the Ottoman Empire and that was during the 17th century.

Common information about the Netherlands

  • The Netherlands is known for cultivating flowers and raising livestock, and thus expanding and increasing the agricultural area inside the Netherlands has gradually caused the erosion of forests, and thus the total area of ​​the country as a whole has become about 10%, and the pastures find that they cover more than half of the total area of ​​the Netherlands.
  • New York City was founded by the Dutch, and it was called New Amsterdam, and that was during the year 1624 AD, but after forty years the Dutch surrendered to the British, and the city was handed over to them, and its name was changed to be in the name of New York.
  • The Dutch anthem is one of the oldest national anthems in the world.
  • The Dutch people occupy the second place in drinking coffee. In the year, the Dutch citizen drinks 140 liters of coffee.
  • The capital of the Netherlands is the city of Amsterdam, and it was built on poles of wood diving deep into the ground, because the city’s land consists of mud layers, and wetlands are not suitable for construction.
  • The Dutch people are among the most consumed of licorice. In one year, about 32 million kilograms are consumed.
  • The Dutch people are ranked among the longest people in the world. The average length of a Dutch woman is about 170 cm, and the average length of a Dutch man is 184 cm.
  • The painter Van Gogh was born in the Netherlands, and is one of the best in the world.

Climate of the Netherlands

The climate in the Netherlands is characterized by extreme cold during the winter season, particularly in the places near the coast, and in summer the climate is moderate throughout.
The reason for this weather is that most of the Dutch lands are below sea level. We find that the winds warm the air during the winter and cool the air during the summer.
We find that the accumulation of clouds during the summer blocks and prevents the arrival of a lot of sunlight, which plays a great role in increasing the feeling of heat. In the destruction of a number of industrial dams, and then there were many floods that caused many losses.

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History of the Netherlands

The name of the Netherlands concerns only two provinces of the country, and the territories as a whole are called the Kingdom of the Low Lands, but the name of the Netherlands has spread to include all countries, because of the importance of the two provinces of the Netherlands for foreign trade, and for this reason the inhabitants of all countries are known as the Dutch.
When we talk about the independence of the Netherlands, we find that it gained its independence in the late sixteenth century, and then formed a federation between six provinces in it.
And the city of The Hague chose to be the seat of the Confederate government and the Federal Parliament, after which large areas were occupied by the Netherlands for lands that have no administrative character, and therefore we find that the Dutch Kingdom began to grow and expand, and established its own colonial centers, in various places on Worldwide, including in Africa and North America.
We find that all the Dutch provinces were completely independent, and the Spanish control over them ended during the year 1579 AD, but after that they were controlled for 20 years by France, and as a result, the Netherlands announced that it became an official kingdom and is called the Dutch Kingdom, and that was in the year 1815 AD.
The Netherlands committed itself to complete neutrality during the period of the First World War, and despite its commitment to neutrality in the Second World War, the Nazi Germany invaded it during the year 1940 AD, and after the war period, the Netherlands began to rise again and strengthened its relations with its neighboring countries, thus becoming one of the important countries that It established the European Common Market, and then the European Union.

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The system of government in the Netherlands

The system of government in the Netherlands is a parliamentary democracy, and its capital is Amsterdam, although we note that the seat of the king and the government is located in The Hague.
As for the economic field of the country, we find that it occupies a large position and an advanced position in the world in the economic sector, and there are headquarters for many international organizations and institutions.

Population of the Netherlands

  • The Netherlands is a country full and densely populated in comparison to its area, with a population density of about 478 people per square kilometer.
  • As for the population of the Netherlands as a whole, it reaches about 16.7 million people, and its total area reaches 41,543 square kilometers.

The Netherlands language

  • The Dutch language is the official language of the country, and it is the most popular and famous in the Netherlands, and it spread between the 17th to 19th centuries.
  • There are several languages ​​spoken in the Netherlands, including English, and some indigenous people in the Netherlands use them.
  • In addition, we note that 71% of the population can speak German.

Tourism in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is characterized by a beautiful climate, and a picturesque nature, so it is a wonderful tourist area, and there are a number of different activities that you can do, and among the important tourist places in the following: –

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  • Rijksmuseum.
  • Keukenhof park.
  • 3D bicycle bridge.

Also, there are many beaches that characterize the Netherlands, including: –

  • Scheveningen.
  • Zandvoort.
  • Macom.
  • Sixty.
  • Texel.
  • Ameland.
  • Domburg.

In addition to visiting these places, you can visit the world’s longest climbing wall, which is 37 meters long and is located in Groningen, or you can skydive on the island of Texel.

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