In the following paragraphs, we show you information about the Saudi city of Sakaka, as Sakaka is a city located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically in the northwestern region of the country, and the administrative center of Al-Jouf region is located, as for the city’s borders, it is bounded to the west by the Tabuk and Hail region. As for the north, the city shares a land border with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan with a length of about 5,000 kilometers, and the city is divided into 16 administrative centers, and contains many Islamic historical monuments, in addition to tourist attractions, and it also has great importance at the local and international level, and in the Next said Arab travelers show you the most information about them.

Information about the Saudi city of Sakaka

Skaka city climate

The desert climate and the continental climate are spread in the region, so the temperature in the winter decreases markedly, as it reaches 8 degrees Celsius, and at times the temperature drops to below zero, specifically throughout the days of January, so the city’s climate is described in that period as frigid And the climate begins to moderate after the end of the winter. As for the rains, it rains in the winter and ranges between thirty to sixty milliliters per year.
After the winter passes and the temperature becomes mild, the temperature begins to rise gradually, until it reaches 42 degrees Celsius in the summer, sometimes it drops to 30 degrees Celsius, and between April and September the strength of the northwest wind increases, reaching approximately 5.7 per hour , And the wind will be east to west in the rest of the year.

The economy of the city of Sakaka

Most of the city’s residents work in public and private companies jobs, and a large percentage of the population works in service professions, and the city’s economy depends heavily on investment projects that exploit agricultural crops grown on its lands, so factories spreading dates and vegetables are published in the city, in addition to product factories Dairy and milk products, as the city has a moderate climate that spreads most of the year, contributing to the growth of various agricultural crops, as well as in raising and benefiting from livestock.
There are many other factors that helped the prosperity of agriculture in the city, such as the presence of water that is suitable for plant growth, in addition to the presence of more than two hundred thousand palm trees that produce dates, and about 16 thousand citizens work in agriculture, and there are approximately 1500 projects in the city agricultural.

Tourism in the city of Sakaka

There are a lot of heritage and tourist attractions in Sakaka city, which is one of the most important tourist attractions in the region, so visitors from inside the Kingdom and tourists from outside it come to visit and learn about those attractions, and the most important tourist attractions in the city are the area of ​​sedimentary influence basin, and that basin is located in the side North of the city.
In addition to the influential desert, which is located in the southern region of the city, which is preferred by many people, in addition to the Wadi Sarhan plain, which is located in the northwestern side and extends until it reaches the southern region of the Kingdom of Jordan.
What distinguishes the region is the presence of many monuments built hundreds of years ago by the Rajajil, in addition to providing the facilities and services that tourists and visitors need, so the government always strives to pave roads, build parks, establish and develop hotels, in addition to developing centers and commercial markets, and recreational attractions that Suitable for all age groups, such as amusement parks and recreational water sports centers. Among the most attractive places for tourists are Zaabal Palace, Jabal Al-Prince, Columns of Rajajil, Bir Sisra, in addition to Qasr Al-Aishan and Qabal.


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