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We are talking to you, dear reader, today, through Arab travelers, about the Wildlife Center in Sharjah, which is considered one of the largest centers in the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula, and includes huge numbers of endangered animals.
This center is unique in the Middle East, which is located inside a building, and is considered one of the important tourism facades within the Emirate of Sharjah, so we advise you to go to it, and do not miss this opportunity, and we will talk about it in some detail during the following lines.

Sharjah Wildlife Center

This center was opened by His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, and that was in the year 1999 AD, and it is the first learning center to be opened in the form of a reserve in the United Arab Emirates. You go there and enjoy the atmosphere, and take souvenir photos with them.
There are several departments located inside the center, which are the following: –

Department of nocturnal animals

In this section, you can see all the animals that are active only in the evening, including the dotted blue coats, gorden cat, wild foxes, mongoose, badger, Indian porcupine, hedgehogs, and others.

Department of amphibians and reptiles

Contains local snakes, including the inflated snake, the scorpion snake, the Arabian cobra, the Arabian descend, and other types of snakes, and also contains insects, lizards, amphibians, fresh water, and others.
It has many desert plants, and you can do a variety of activities, including swimming and diving, as well as kayaking, kayaking and visiting a children’s farm that suits their age.

Bird section

It contains the various natural environments that were present in the Arabian Peninsula and the Emirates, in this part you find deserts, valleys, and mountains, so this environment is inhabited by many birds, and this place was their home, including bulbul, Indian chakras, flamingos, Habari .
In this section you can see the bat cave, and the Omani caves in which blind fish live, and the section also contains wild cats such as cat sand and lynx.

Wild Animals Section

It contains a large number of wild animals found inside the Arabian Peninsula, among them hyenas, baboons, leopards, wolves, Arabian tigers, and these animals live in their natural environment, and no restrictions are placed on them.

The open garden

It is a circular break that you can sit in to take a break for a while, and it overlooks the palm garden where the ostrich, deer, and Arabian oryx are located, and you can also see the small lake that surrounds this garden.

Opening hours at the Wildlife Center in Sharjah

It welcomes visitors from Sunday to Thursday from nine in the morning until five in the evening.
As for Friday, the appointments are from two o’clock in the afternoon until five o’clock in the evening.
The ticket costs five UAE dirhams for children, and 15 dirhams for adults. For children who have not reached two years of age, admission is free.
On Saturday, the audience reception is from eleven thirty in the morning, until five thirty in the evening.
For more information and details, please contact them at 061135999.
Indeed, it will be a great experience when accompanying your family, and you go to this center, to get acquainted with the innate life of different animals, you can read educational boards for each section, and listen to the audio recording, in order to have awareness and understanding of the biological diversity within the Arabian Peninsula.


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