Information about the state of Uzbekistan

المسافرون العرب

In the following paragraphs, we show you information about the state of Uzbekistan, its climate and economy, as it is a country located in the center of the Asian continent, and its area is about 447,400 square kilometers, while the length of the state is up to 6,221 kilometers, and it is taken from the city of Tashkent as its capital, and desert lands are spread over And sand dunes, we find that the area of ​​the Kyzyl Folk Desert in which it lies an area of ​​297,850 square kilometers, and that region is the largest desert in the Asian continent, and the ninth in terms of area in the world, as for the population in it, it reaches 26,000,000 people, according to estimates Presented by the United Nations in the year 2005 AD And We’ll show you in the article from Arab travelers information about this state.

Information about the state of Uzbekistan

Climate of Uzbekistan

The climate of the country of Uzbekistan is characterized by a dry desert climate, in addition to the emergence of bright sun, so we find that the temperature in July reaches more than twenty-three degrees Celsius, and the temperature in some cities may reach forty degrees Celsius such as the capital, so the residents of the state are keen to design Houses with windows not exposed to direct sunlight.
We also find that the high temperature causes the evaporation of water in its water channels, as for the forests in the country, covering approximately 8% of the total area, and trees and plants are abundant in the high hills, and due to the climate and nature of the country, the animals that live In a desert environment such as rodents, foxes, wolves, and deer.

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Economy of Uzbekistan

As for the state’s economy, it depends on industry and agriculture, because there are many orchards and farms in it, in addition to the presence of many minerals in its lands, as the state relies on extracting points, and we will show you in the following lines the most important economic areas in Uzbekistan:

  • Agriculture: The field of agriculture in the country is clearly flourishing, due to the presence of fertile soil in many areas, and the bright sunlight, in addition to moderate temperatures in some times of the year such as winter, which helped to raise livestock, and cultivate many agricultural crops such as cotton, silk and rice Also, many types of fruits are grown such as pomegranate, watermelon, and apricots, and vegetables such as onions, carrots, and cucumbers.
  • Industry: Many equipment and machines are produced in the state of Uzbekistan, such as tools that people use in cotton cultivation, or road design, in addition to irrigation and harvesting machines, and many textiles factories are deployed, in addition to metal production factories, clothing design and sewing factories, and other tea filling plants .
  • Trading: The country exports many natural and industrial resources, such as petroleum, natural gas, and coal, it also exports some vegetable and fruit crops, it exports these products to the northern markets, and it also exports fertilizers, cement, and fabrics to Turkey, Switzerland, and Kazakhstan.
  • Raw resources: The state relies heavily on its economy on the raw materials it extracts from the ground, such as tungsten, copper, lead, zinc, natural gas, oil, and coal, and the presence of natural gas in a large proportion in the country has led to the existence of many huge gas lines connecting the cities Various, as hydroelectric dams are built by oil.

Culture in Uzbekistan

There are many different ethnic groups in the country, and in the following lines we will explain to you the most prominent areas in them:

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  • Sports: There are many sports that are very popular in the country, and the first place under football is the most important sport in Uzbekistan, followed by boxing and wrestling, in addition to tennis, hockey and chess.
  • the food: The country is famous for its meat and pasta dishes, due to the large presence of livestock and sheep.
  • Feasts: There are many festivals and events celebrated by the state, such as Teacher’s Day and Independence Day, and religious events such as the Eid Al-Fitr and Al-Adha feasts are celebrated.
  • Education: The percentage of those enrolled in schools in the country reaches 76% of children who are less than 15 years old, and the percentage of those who are able to read and write reaches 99.3%.


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