Information about tourism and travel to Spain

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Information about tourism and travel to Spain, what are the costs of traveling to Spain? What are the most important tips I should know before traveling? And how can I travel in Spain and find a good hotel, in addition to the best places that you should visit Arab travelers.
Spain is one of the largest countries in the European Union in terms of area, and it has a great diversity in cultures, religions and ethnicities, as it is the meeting place of many regions.
Diversity in Spain gives you a lot of tourist places that you can visit in one country, which will make you feel that you are moving from one country to another while you are moving in the country, there is no place similar to the other with the great difference in tastes and for tourism in Spain it is very refreshing, and comes in the third place Worldwide, with 75.5 million tourists annually.
For this we will talk about travel to Spain and the costs of travel, accommodation and transportation.

Travel advice to Spain – Schengen visa to travel to Spain

  • Spain belongs to the countries of the European Union, which makes it a member of the Schengen Agreement, which provides a facility to move from one place to another within the countries belonging to the agreement. Where you declare to cancel the borders separating the countries belonging to the same agreement, and all citizens of any country obtain a unified visa, which facilitates the movement between these countries, without the need to obtain a visa for each country independently. There are 26 countries all of which belong to the Schengen Agreement.
  • In order to be able to obtain a visa, which will be very beneficial to travel between any of these countries thanks to the agreement that will make you able to enter the state of Spain directly from your country of origin, and you must enter the agreement through the country that granted you the Schengen visa and often the terms of the agreement do not apply to Most of them are outside the countries of the agreement.
  • The previous method is not recommended for those who visit Europe for the first time, but it is not too late to visit Spain where you can submit an application, to the consulate of the state of Spain and located in your country directly or through a tourist office where it will facilitate you a lot of procedures, and in the end after obtaining the visa You will be able to start working effectively on your tourism program to Spain with enthusiasm.

How to prepare to travel to Spain:

It is important before you travel to any place if you want to spend a special time, and without spending all that is in your pocket is to start planning your tourism program long enough before making the travel decision, in order to learn more about the country’s cultures and the tourist places in it then you can Think about which one you will really like, and which places you should definitely visit.
It is also important to threaten your purpose from visiting Spain, whether you want to see monuments, ancient monuments in the town, or want to spend time of excitement, suspense, and exploration, or want to spend an unforgettable time amidst green nature and mountain nature.
You have to think about whether you need to visit medical places or you want to study in Spain and participate in educational programs. You will also find many tourism programs in Spain that will teach you how to enjoy the country and places that cannot be visited Spain without going through.

How to book a hotel in Spain:

It is very easy to book a hotel in Spain electronically, as this will help you know the actual costs of travel, and your budget after subtracting the price of the reservation, and the most beautiful things in Spain are being clean and of excellent quality, you will not feel anxious when you are booking in a 2-star or 3-star hotel In Spain, where you will find it classy and with excellent staff, of course.
In addition to housing in hotels, you can go down to hotel apartments, country houses, youth hostels, or camp accommodation if your budget is limited.

Travel costs to Spain:

  • The costs of traveling to Spain vary greatly depending on the city you wish to land in, as transportation, housing and food prices vary. But in general, going down to Madrid or Barcelona will cost you between 3 thousand riyals to 4 thousand riyals, and it differs greatly from the season in which you will visit the city.
  • With regard to housing in Spain, one night in the hotel will cost between 500: 600 Saudi riyals, which is the rate prevailing in most countries of the country except for Melva and Marbella. The hotel prices are somewhat high, and we can say that the hotel will cost you 3500 Saudi riyals to spend one week.
  • With regard to transportation, which you have independence, the best way to travel in Madrid, and Barcelona is the independence of the metro, which has excellent prices, especially if you participate in special offers tickets.
  • With regard to the costs of tourist places and pleasure, they differ from one person to another according to the places he wishes to visit.
  • As for food in Spain, it is not expensive, but for those who want to eat Arab food, its prices are very high and it will cost you a lot if you insist on eating Arab food, and it is preferable to save 4 thousand riyals for tourism and eating.

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