Information about tourism and travel to Turkey, Turkey has become one of the countries that has made a great reputation among lovers of travel and travel and the discovery of new countries, due to its enjoyment of all the tourist ingredients, whether beach tourism, archaeological or environmental tourism or shopping and other, in addition to what The tourist gets it from the pleasure of discovering social and cultural differences, especially that Turkey is one of the jewels of the world because of its exceptional beauty, and Turkey is the best example of the ancient history that mixes with the bright future, vibrant with the diversity of civilizations and its convergence. Authentic to Arab travelers.

Tips before traveling to Turkey:

  • You must obtain a visa to enter Turkey and ensure that the passport is valid for at least 6 months.
  • Learn some Turkish words, because most Turks are only fluent in Turkish and do not understand to speak English or Arabic, so it is better to know some important Turkish phrases.
  • The Turks are considered one of the most kind, generous, and welcoming peoples.
  • In the case of the desire to shop, it is necessary to learn to trade in price to reach the price that satisfies the seller and the buyer.
  • It is better to visit Turkey during April, May and October, when the costs of tourism decrease a lot, and people with a limited budget are advised to rent an apartment, as this will help to save more.
  • It is preferable to visit Turkey during the spring and autumn months, as the weather at these times is very suitable for most recreational activities, in addition to the availability of many discounts that are offered on goods.
  • It is not recommended to eat meals in restaurants that are located in the tourist areas, and because the prices are very high, besides that all Turkish restaurants are distinguished by the quality of their food, even popular restaurants and street foods are good quality and have their own taste.
  • Beware of false tourist advertisements scattered in the streets, most of the offers there are fake, and it is advisable to take care of taxi drivers and price must be determined before the start of the trip, and to stay away from the Taksim area because it is very crowded and spread by representatives of tourism companies and beggars.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Turkey:

  • Istanbul:

Where history is fragrant, as this city mixes the present with the past, and is one of the most vibrant Turkish countries, and one of the most distinguishing features of this city is the architecture and history, and the presence of many wonderful sites with markets, restaurants, archaeological sites, restaurants and nightclubs, in addition to its distinctive cuisine.

  • Dalian:

It is a small city overlooking the southwest coast of Turkey, located specifically in the province of Mugla, and there are those who describe this city as a piece of paradise for the splendor of its pristine beaches and its natural beauty as well as its mountainous and global views, along with the presence of many historical monuments and the possibility of many sports Watercolor.

  • Bodrum:

Bodrum includes a number of ancient monuments such as the Mausoleus Shrine and St. Bear Castle, which are considered one of the seven wonders of the world, the buildings of this city are characterized by its white houses carved in the mountains and green trees intertwine, and the city is surrounded by two water bays, there are many hotels and hiking trails amid nature.

  • Belek:

Where to enjoy watching the sunset and see the vegetation, which consists of pistachio trees and pine trees, as well as it contains many hotels and facilities, and is considered an upscale destination favored by the rich and famous.

  • Fatiha:

Although it is a small city but it is very modern, it is a city located on the ruins of the city of Telmius, and includes many beaches that are characterized by the purity of its turquoise waters and the presence of many resorts.

  • Ephesus

It is an ancient city located in Seljuk, and dates back to the eighth century BC, as it was considered one of the largest cities during the ancient Romen era, but today it is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and it contains the Temple of Artemis, which is one of the most popular temples in Turkey.

  • Cappadocia:

It is a very impressive rocky kingdom, which is covered with landscapes formed by volcanoes, resulting in colorful rock formations and chimneys for the jinn, besides it is characterized by hidden cities that lie below its land, where there are entire towns carved inside the rocks, and there are many hidden churches in Cappadocia Chimneys and caves, in addition to the availability of hot airship rides.

  • Humming:

Although it is not very popular in tourism, it possesses many tourist attractions, as there are ancient remains of the city walls, temples and a number of mosques and canals amid the charming nature, in addition to many lakes ideal for hunting and swimming and the presence of many walking paths, hotels and spas.

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