In this article, we show you the most important information about the island of Corsica, one of the most prominent French islands, which carries several other names such as Kurska and Qashqakah. This island has great importance and fame inside France because it was born with one of the most famous historical figures, which is Napoleon Bonaparte, so it is one of the most polarized islands Tourists, it is located in an average location between France and Italy, as it is located in southeastern France on the one hand, and in western Italy and north of the island of Sardinia on the other hand, in Arab travelers you can learn about the most prominent natural features in it, along with the number of inhabitants and the language they speak It out.

Corsica Island terrain

  • This island occupies the fourth rank in the list of the largest Mediterranean islands in terms of area, after Sicily, Sardinia and Cyprus, and its area reaches approximately 8,680 thousand meters, and it is one of the oldest islands in France, as it was formed about 250 million people.
  • The island includes a group of natural features represented in a group of mountain heights, the most prominent of which is the mountains of Mint Shanta, which is the highest mountain in the island, which reaches 2706 above sea level, and other mountain peaks reach a height of nearly 2000 meters, and it also includes a coast With a length of up to 1000 square kilometers.
  • The island includes a group of forests that make up 20% of its total area.

The people of Corsica

The population of the island of Corsica exceeds 300 thousand people. As for the language, its inhabitants speak the Corsican language and it is similar to the italyn language, but it constitutes a small percentage reaching 10% of the language of the population who speak the French language, as a result of the French domination of this island since the eighteenth century AD.

The economy of the island of Corsica

  • The economy of the island depends mainly on the tourism sector, due to the many scenic natural features it has from mountains, beaches and forests, in addition to the excellent climate that moderates most of the days of the year, but despite this the economy of these islands witnesses the lowest rates in the economic growth of France .
  • The island is witnessing remarkable growth in the agricultural sector, as it possesses fertile soil and a mild climate that stimulates the growth of many agricultural crops such as grapes and grains, as well as olives. Sheep growing.
  • This island includes many economic activities such as fishing like coral and sardines, in addition to the mining activity of extracting marble and granite from mountains, copper and lead.

Immigration on the island

  • Moroccans make up a large proportion of immigrants for this island, up to 50% of the total migration, as they number more than 12,000 Moroccan immigrants, while the total number of foreign immigrants reaches their number to about 25 thousand people.
  • This island has witnessed since ancient times many migratory movements to the south of France since the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, in addition to the displacement to the North American countries that varied between Venezuela and Puerto Rico Island, and the number of Corsican immigrants reaches about 1.5 million people, including 800 thousand immigrants in France, and in general the main purpose of these migrations was to improve living conditions.

Sightseeing in Corsica

The island of Corsica includes a group of tourist attractions, the most prominent of which is the city of Ajaccio, which includes many picturesque landscapes that varied between beaches and mountains, as well as the city of Bonifacio, which is characterized by its picturesque location between the cliffs on one side and its unique views of the beaches on the other hand, in addition to the city Calvi boasts one of the most beautiful seaports on the island.

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