Information about Venice in Italy

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In the following paragraphs we show you information about the city of Venice in Italy and the reason for calling it by this name. Venice is a city located in Italy, specifically in the northern region of the state, and it is also the capital of the Veneto region, because it is the largest city that contains a population in the region.

Information about Venice in Italy

Studies have shown that the population has reached 271,000, and it is worth noting that it has been called the floating city, because the population is transported by boats that walk in the waterways between the buildings, and it is one of the most attractive cities in Italy, because it is It contains many historical and cultural heritage dating back to the Renaissance, and in the following article from the Arab travelers we show you the most important information about the city.

The climate of Venice

The climate of Venice is similar to that of other cities. We find that the temperatures look nice and moderate in the summer, when it reaches 25 degrees Celsius, but in winter the temperature decreases and becomes 3 degrees Celsius, and the cold spreads with it.

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Why was the city of Venice so named?

Before the city was subject to Romen rule, it was called Venice, to refer to the regions belonging to the region, as Venice joined with Astria to be a region called Rego, and this term refers to the union of a number of islands together, and in the period when the city was subject to Byzantine rule was launched It has the name of the Venetian navy, as it was called Venetica, and during the reign of the Arabs, the Arabs called it the city of Venice, in quoting the name of the Duchy of Bonodocia.

How Venice was built

Venice was built in 421 AD in the middle of an island called Assana, and Assana at that time was 118 united islands together, so Venice was divided into six provinces when they were established, and the provinces are Venice, Lerano, Padua, Rovigo, Vicenza, and Verona. Building many buildings and streets that were distinguished by its heritage, originality, and historical, cultural and artistic heritage, which made the UNESCO world concerned with the city.
Also, those archaeological areas made Venice one of the most attractive cities for tourists from all over the world after the city of Rome, which made the government in the country care about the tourism sector and always strives to develop it in a remarkable way.
Among the most prominent reasons that led to the establishment of the city of Venice, to the occurrence of invasions and battles in the areas surrounding Venice, so the inhabitants of those areas began to escape and reach the city, and then they built stone houses, and used wood as well, but the city was exposed to the floods that destroyed the houses, so the city residents invented A method that protects homes from the risk of floods, by inventing methods that contribute to the drainage of water, in addition to digging the water channels through which small boats pass, and the residents also built bridges that help in the movement between Venice and other islands around it.

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The population of Venice

The average age of a person in Venice is 46.18 years, so we find that the average ages in the last decade have risen significantly, we find that the number of births reaches 2.118, while the number of people who die is 3.284, according to the statistics provided in 2009 AD.
As for the population in the city, it reaches 58,606 people, and many indigenous people live in Italy, in addition to foreigners coming from the Maldives, Ukraine, Albania, Serbia, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines.


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