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Ferrari world

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi is home to the largest covered theme park in the world called Ferrari World, and this amusement park occupies an area that extends to 200 thousand square meters of area of ​​Abu Dhabi city. Ferrari is the official sponsor of the city, and its opening date dates back on the fourth of November 2010.
Ferrari World is located inside the Formula Rossa park, and is considered the fastest place in the world for roller coaster game, and its speed reaches 240 km per hour.

History of the Ferrari world

Ferrari and Aldar Properties signed an agreement at the end of 2005 AD. The agreement provides for the establishment of the first theme park for Ferrari in Abu Dhabi, and it is reported that it was supposed to be officially opened in 2008, but the delay in that came as a result of the delay in starting construction in the month of November of In 2008, its opening, which was scheduled to be on the twenty-eighth of October 2010, was postponed due to the death of the ruler of Ras Al Khaimah Saqr bin Muhammad Al Qasimi on the day before the opening day, so the city officially opened its doors to visitors on the fourth of November 2010.

Places of interest in Ferrari World

Ferrari World embraces a number of attractions, and the Jack Ross and its organized partners are responsible for designing the vast majority of Ferrari World games, and it is noteworthy that Ferrari World includes more than twenty special games in the world, and the date of July 20, 2010 is a generator for all the city’s games Among the most prominent are:

  • Formula Rossa: This global game is considered to be the fastest of all time, and it is for rollercoaster vehicles, and it covers distances of about 240 kilometers per hour.
  • G-Force, this game consists of a tower approximately 62 meters outside the building, and players rise very quickly.
  • V12, one of Ferrari’s world water games, is unique with the Roller Coaster 599 Ferrari.
  • The training camp is an area for young people to have the opportunity to drive cars with remote control, and they can also drive Ferrari cars made entirely of foam material with high protection and safety.
  • The magic of America, is the participant taking a great tour of a small version of the United States via Ferrari 250 cars.
  • Scuderia challenge, and is characterized by its advanced level of development as the player enters a race with a number of Ferrari cars inside a virtual circuit in a competitive atmosphere.

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