San Marco Square is one of the most famous squares in Italy, which is located in Venice, while San Marco Argentano is one of the countries in southern Italy, which is located in the province of Calabria, and it was built on hills overlooking the valley, by Puerto Duke Norman famous for Marker, San Marco Square is one of the most important landmarks of the city of San Marco Argentano, for this we review through this article the most important simple information about San Marco Square.

Information about San Marco Square:

San Marco Square can be more clearly identified, and its features are identified through the following:

  • St. Mark’s Square is one of the most important public squares in Italy, specifically in Venice, and St. Mark’s Square is located along the square, which is located next to the lake from the southeast.
  • At the eastern end of St. Mark’s Square is a huge chapel of St. Mark, which is described from the front to the western area of ​​the church.
  • St. Mark’s Church includes many aspects, and among its most important aspects is its western destination, which includes its huge arches, distinctive decoration, Romen-style carvings, and luxurious marble, which represents one of the most important main parts of the St. Mark’s Square.
  • The entrance to San Marco Square is represented by four horses, one of which is a huge symbol.
  • There is a classic luxury building in the eastern part of the church which is the Patriarch Palace, and this palace is the headquarters of the Venetian patriarch.
  • The clock tower was established in the year 1499 AD, and it is along the San Marco Square, which is located on Mirakira Street, which is one of the main streets in the city, as this street branches from many of the city’s shopping streets, as well as the commercial and financial center.
  • To the left of the square is a long corridor with many well-known buildings, which were long-standing homes and offices for Saint Mark, and were also for officers of the highest position in the state during the Venetian Republic.
  • These buildings were built in the sixteenth century, and are surrounded by many small and large commercial markets, restaurants, and shops.

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