Information on the island of Santa Cruz del Weslot

1- This island is one of the islands of the Galapagos Archipelago, which is located in the center of the archipelago. The island of Santa Cruz del Yslot is the second largest island in this region, and was discovered by a group of fishermen, nearly 150 years ago.

2- We find that the island is most famous for its large population, high population density on the island, and its population is four times the population, and its density is in Manhattan in New York, which is one of the most populated residential areas in the world. .
3- It is one of the most beautiful islands that exist, and in spite of this it lacks many services that help its residents, and from these services that are not present, the lack of doctors in this island, which makes health services weak, and in the event of the death of one of them there are no graves To bury this person on the island, there is no cemetery there to bury the dead and their dead bodies.
And there is a big problem in electricity as well, because there is no generator on the island, except one generator and this generator works for a few hours a day, the number does not exceed five hours, but as for providing security, there is a problem in that as well, it lacks the presence of security In it, the state provides only one guard inside a school located on the island.

4- Santa Cruz del Yslot is one of the volcanic islands, and several volcanic eruptions have been recorded on this island.
5- As for the green areas on this island, the trees in it were cut down, even though they contain dense forests, logging was prevented again, and many laws were put in place, which made people commit to not cutting trees, and to preserving Plants and trees on this island, and we find that the most important thing that distinguishes them is that they export coconuts, in large quantities to many countries of the world.
6- The most characteristic of the island of Santa Cruz del Weslot is that it does not have any huge or high-rise buildings, but there are small houses that contain small floors as well, and that helps in distinguishing them, and obtaining comfort and relaxation away From the tall buildings in the cities.
7- There are not many jobs and trades on the island of Santa Cruz del Yslot, as fishing is the main profession on this island, where most of the inhabitants of this island work in fishing, while others find that his work is related to tourism on the island, so we find many reception staff And the employees who work in hotels and resorts in other islands, we find that tourism is the main source of income in it.
Sights and landmarks on Santa Cruz Island
1- The presence of giant armored turtles.
2- Lava tunnels.
3- Charles Darwin Research Station.
4- Galapagos National Park Service Headquarters.
5- Black Turtle Bay, which is the mouth of the Crimea, on the northern coast of Santa Cruz Island.
6- Cerro Dragon.
7- Tortiga Bay.
8- Los Gemelos.

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