Silver market in Istanbul, Istanbul is the charming city that God Almighty has loved by a large number of natural factors, which made it one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and goes to millions of tourists from all countries of the world to visit it, but never miss an opportunity to get a ring from Silver, chain or other artifacts sold in the silver market in Istanbul, which is famous for its silver, gold and jewelry stores, where there are more than 8000 jewelry stores in the city alone, which is witnessing a great turnout from all countries of the world.

Istanbul Silver Market Guide:

1- The covered market:

Once you enter this market you feel like you have returned to the time of the old Ottoman Empire, as you smell the scent of history everywhere, as you see a large collection of ancient jewelry, and a distinct group of silver artifacts that take the shape of the old Ottoman form.
Everyone who wants to buy gold or silver must go to the covered market, as there are a large number of gold and silver stores, and not only that, as you can buy a group of fabrics, scarves and old rugs, and you can also get a set Of bags and leather goods that you can not think of.
There are about 3600 shops in the covered market alone, and more than 20 thousand workers work there, and this market is visited by about 500 thousand visitors per day, but you must be very careful as the prices there are very high, but you must reduce the prices and separate with them .

2- Othman Bey Street:

Also among the very famous markets in Istanbul, as it includes a large group of companies that are famous for manufacturing gold and silver crafts, and you can take a long tour in this street, which offers a large group of international textiles, which are exported to all countries of the world, where It is one of the universal things.

3- Al-Fateh Shops:

If you are lucky and visit the country of Turkey, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Fatih region, which is one of the very famous wholesale markets in Istanbul, and these stores are located in the Fatih region in Turkey, and there are many shops that sell silver and gold jewelry, as they are in it More than 50 shops selling silver jewelry, but if you want to buy evening wear, you have to roam this street that contains all the things you are looking for.
There are many markets in Istanbul that you should not miss the opportunity to go to in order to buy what you want, and among the markets in Istanbul are the following:

The most famous wholesale stores in Lee do me:

La Lei District is located in the old part of Istanbul, and there are a lot of wholesale shops that extend along the tram line, and it has many small commercial alleys that offer a large collection of accessories and gold and silver articles that date back to the Ottoman era. And if you want to get a leather product such as shoes and bags, you will find that it is much lower price than other places.

Mart Shops:

Also, you can go to the Marter Shops, which includes a large number of wholesale shops, as this area is one of the very advantageous places that are located near the industrial area of ​​the city.
Therefore, we advise you if you go to Istanbul, do not miss to visit the covered market in order to buy all the gold and silver artifacts that you are looking for.

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