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The Tower Bridge is one of the most famous tourist areas in London, and one of the most important symbols to express, so what is the secret of its origins? Who is it made of? And how he still maintains his important position in the country? What are the different activities that can be participated in at the Tower Bridge? In addition to its ticket prices and the dates when you can visit this monumental landmark, expressing the magnificence and beauty of London.

London Bridge name:

It is called the Tower Bridge, and it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in England at all. It can be considered one of the highest and most elevated towers in it. It is a suspended object that moves as it connects the two banks of the Thames River, which is located at a distance from the Tower of London, which is why the bridge is called The tower, which is an impressive building, professionally designed.

The famous London Bridge:

The famous London Bridge, “Tower Bridge”, was opened on June 30, 1894 AD by the Prince of England, King Edward VII, in addition to his wife, Princess of Alexandra Alexandra, who has ancient Danish origins, but the initial work of building the bridge and its initial design was in the year of 1876 ​​AD, whose construction began in 1886 AD and ended in 1894. The Tower Bridge still retains its prestige throughout the ages and a vital location of the Thames.
The system that now exists with regard to the colors found in the Tower of London Bridge, it dates back to the year 1977, when it was made of red, white and blue color during the days of the silver jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, while the original that was found in the tower for the first time in the middle is green and followed by color Blue.

Composition of the Tower Bridge:

  • As for the formation of the tower bridge, it consists of two main towers and connects them from the upper side to a place for walking at a height of thirty-four meters from the ground surface and at a height of forty-two meters from the level of the water surface in the day. As for the length of the bridge, it exceeds 240 meters.
  • As for the two roads coming from the side of the river, their ends on both sides of the London Bridge are balanced for size and weight. Each side of the giant bodies weighs about 200 tons of the jungle, and when they open it, they rise above the surface of the water, and each of them takes an angle of eighty-six degrees, so huge ships can cross from under the bridge safely and safely, as the weight of some cargo on ships may reach more than 10 thousand Tons, and at the base of the tower you will find many machines and axes of the tipper responsible for operating the bridge tower, which is one of the most famous symbols of the city of London, which people from all parts of the world know.
  • Until now, the Tower of London Bridge remains one of the most important places in it, and you will not believe that about 40 thousand people cross over the bridge every day, including cars, motorists and walkers, and it is directly connected to the empty circular roads in the city, which makes it a very vital and important location for the city So it cares about it and seeks to develop it and provide it with everything it needs so that the traffic in the city is not disrupted if anything happens to it, and in general it is still retaining its first strength even with the succession of times.

Activities to do on the Tower Bridge in London:

  • It is very exciting to visit the Tower Bridge in England, as this enables you to see the internal structure of the bridge and walk in the many paths that exist in it as this allows you to enjoy unique views of the New York sky and see its various features that appear clearly from the top of the bridge in addition to the charming Thames River.
  • In addition to places for strolling and wandering, you will find around the Tower Bridge many of the famous places to eat and restaurants in addition to the cafes that enjoy wonderful views of the most beautiful sights in London. You will definitely love to look closely at this charming building and you will never regret visiting it.
  • During your visit to the Tower of London Bridge, and after completing your stroll in it you can visit the well-known Tower of London, which is located near the bridge in London.
  • The nearest metro station from Burj Bridge is London Underground Station, while the nearest train station is Docklands Light.

The working hours of the famous tower bridge:

Appointments vary by season, as follows:
In the summer, the Tower Bridge welcomes visitors from ten in the morning until six in the evening.
In winter, the Tower Bridge receives visitors from nine and a half hours in the morning until four and a half hours in the evening.

Tower Bridge Entry Prices:

Adult tickets: £ 9.
Tickets for young children: 4 pounds.




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