France Markets Guide Paris La Devons comprehensive information, La Devons neighborhood located in the west of Paris, the French capital attracts more tourists year after year, because of the importance of this modern neighborhood is of great importance at the tourist and commercial levels, and this neighborhood embraces a huge number of offices and companies that Thousands of employees go to it every day, in addition to the presence of many commercial centers and the presence of many headquarters of French international companies in the region of La Defense.
Among the most distinguishing features of this neighborhood is that it contains a number of glass buildings and high-rise towers, which made there a case of mixing between the fields of business and tourism at the same time, and the total area of ​​La Defense region is about 14 km2, so it is considered the first commercial area at the European level according to Because it has a large area, and the neighborhood of La Defense is located in the Seine Heights region (Haute-de-Seine), which is a French region located in the region of Ile-de-France, which is close to Paris, we will get to know him in more detail for Arab travelers.

France, Paris, La Defense:

La Defense:

One of the most distinguishing features of this region is the presence of a huge number of good hotels that are easy to reach by bus and metro, as the metro station of this neighborhood is located on the same line that extends east towards the Nubian Bridge and then to the Arc de Triomphe and extends with the Champs Elysées until Access to the Louvre Museum, so that the person standing at the arch of sight can see the towering towers that characterize this region behind the Arc de Triomphe to the west, and this neighborhood has started construction since 1960.

Tourism in the neighborhood of La Defense:

It is very important during the presence in Paris to set aside a day to visit this neighborhood, where it starts from the Louvre Museum and then the Tulieri Park passing through the Place de la Concorde on the Champs-Elysées, then passes to the Arc de Triomphe until reaching the neighborhood of La Defense or La Defense through the metro linking between All of these places, and there are a number of famous landmarks in the La Defense region such as:
The Arch of Levadans or the Great Arch has a height of up to 110 meters, where it was built to take the shape of the arch, and it is considered one of the main features of this neighborhood. There are many government buildings on the sides of the arch while the roof of the arch is an exhibition center.

Shopping in La Defense:

To the right of the arch of La Defense, Les Quatr Temps is a commercial center with a stylish glass building. In 1982 its construction was completed, then in 2006 and 2008 it was completely renovated, and in 2013 this mall was able to achieve the highest rates of visits which It has reached more than 45 million visitors, and there are a number of stores specialized in selling gifts, clothes and fashion alongside many restaurants.
While on the left side of the arch there is another mall, which is the National Center for Technology and Industry and there are a number of stores, this design of this mall dominates the modern character represented in its internal and external design.

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