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The mini egypt museum is one of the famous museums in Egypt, as it includes many ancient Egyptian antiquities, and the mini egypt museum is one of the museums that gathered many civilizations in one place, in order to facilitate the tourists a lot of time and effort in discovering the history and civilization Ancient Egypt by visiting this great museum.

Museum site mini Egypt:

The Mini Egypt Museum is located in Hurghada, one of the famous cities in the Arab Republic of Egypt, which is characterized by many picturesque tourist areas and the attractive beach, which attracts many visitors from all over the world, so the presence of the Mini Egypt Museum in this city was one of the distinctive things And, which raised the status of the city of Hurghada for tourists from around the world, and the museum is located specifically in the south of Hurghada in the famous Makadi Bay area.

The idea of ​​a museum mini Egypt:

The Mini Egypt Museum is one of the museums that were created to be a front for Egypt, where the museum includes many famous tourist attractions, which are famous for all of Egypt and all its cities, where that idea came to be this museum from the places that provide tourists with knowledge of all the tourist attractions of Egypt, from During his entry only to this large museum, which included many monuments in Egypt in anthropomorphic form, but not every single form of the metric only, and through this the tourist enjoys passing through all the corners of the museum and getting to know the pharaonic monuments that Egypt is famous for in just a few minutes .

How to create a museum mini Egypt:

After planning to implement this wonderful idea in the city of Hurghada, work was done to implement it in a very simple period, as the museum was established in only about a year from the date of commencement of work on it, and all forms of monuments were created in an embodiment, in order to provide the tourist with the shape that Very similar to his teacher, and the museum was implemented to be Egypt but in a small way, and many artists and engineers also participated in the establishment of the museum, who cooperated well until finally obtaining this great museum which has become one of the most important tourist attractions in Hurghada and Egypt in general.

Contents in the Mini Egypt Museum:

The Mini Egypt Museum includes many of Egypt’s famous tourist attractions, which are found in many different cities, which are the most famous of Alexandria, Giza and Luxor, as well as Aswan, where the Mini Egypt Museum includes more than sixty different regions in Egypt, and many of the famous tourist attractions in it, Which includes the famous Library of Alexandria, located in the city of Alexandria, as well as some of the landmarks of the famous city of Cairo, which include the Cairo Tower, the High Dam, the pyramids and the Sphinx and those in Giza, alongside the famous Muhammad Ali Castle, as well as the Temple of Abi Simbel, and also includes the museum A large group It is one of the Pharaonic temples located in Luxor, which attracts many tourists from all over the world.

Enjoy sightseeing in a museum mini Egypt:

This museum is one of the unique museums of its kind in Egypt, as it is a small place for the entire Republic of Egypt, so that tourists can easily get acquainted with all of Egypt’s tourist and pharaonic attractions, through this museum only, and it is also easy for tourists to travel from country to Another inside the museum and learn about its features, where the museum includes a guide, in order to enable the visitor to reach all the tourist attractions, and the tourist was provided with the pleasure of enjoying by walking in the corridor of the city of Aswan to reach the city of Luxor in just a few minutes, Then, the visitor goes to Cairo and watch m Its world, and after enjoying seeing all the sights of Cairo, going to Alexandria, then crossing the Stanley Bridge and seeing the Roman Amphitheater, and Qaitbay Castle, next to the Library of Alexandria, and other landmarks.

Visit dates for a museum mini Egypt:

You can enjoy a visit to the Mini Egypt Museum all days of the week except official holidays from ten in the morning until seven in the evening.


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