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Palm Island

The Palm Island is one of the tourist attractions that distinguishes the Emirate of Dubai, as it is one of the largest global industrial islands that were created on the beaches of the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and it was named by this name, due to its external shape, which was designed in the form of a large palm tree.

Dubai provides a permanent visa to reside in it for those who buy a housing unit on this island, as it costs about one billion dollars, and the price of the villa there is about 1.3 million dollars, and also contains many hotels, sports clubs, high-end villas, and many others.

The islands of the Palm Island

The Palm Island is divided into three main islands:

  • Palm Deira: This island is the largest of the three islands, located far from the coast of Deira in Dubai, and covers an area of ​​about 14 km in length and 8.5 km in width, and contains many aspects of entertainment such as hotels, clubs, shopping centers, marines, and about 8000 villas and residential houses.
  • Palm Jumeirah Island: The island is considered the perfect place for a comfortable place and a good time, as it contains many high-end apartments.
  • The Palm Jebel Ali Island: It is larger than the Palm Jumeirah island, and it is a great place to enjoy and spend a beautiful time, as it contains many water games.

Tourist attractions on the Palm Island

The Palm Island contains many beautiful and varied tourist attractions, including:

Atlantis Hotel

It opened with a very huge party in 2008, estimated at about $ 20 million. The hotel is located in Palm Jumeirah, and it is considered one of the largest hotels in Dubai, and it consists of two towers connected to each other by a bridge, where it can be reached through a glass bridge under the water .

The Atlantis Hotel is the only one of the finest among the world’s 8-star hotels, and has 1,539 rooms, 27 health clubs, and a water games city that accommodates more than 5 thousand visitors per day, in addition to a full life of different marine animals and fish, which can be seen By underwater glass tunnels.

Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab is located in the Jumeirah area in Dubai, and is considered one of the finest hotels in the world, and competes in its height with the highest international buildings.

Dubai Zoo

It is located on the island of Jumeirah, and it is considered one of the oldest parks in the city of Dubai, and it is a very attractive area for tourists, because it contains many types of rare wild and marine animals.

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