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A detailed and comprehensive guide on how to immigrate and travel to Ireland, how to make a tourist visa and study visa, in addition to the costs of travel from housing, transportation and activities that you can do in Ireland to Arab travelers.

How to immigrate to Ireland:

  • Ireland is one of the cheap countries, whether when it comes to travel for tourism, study or immigration permanently, whether it comes to visa for travel, airline tickets or internal transportation, and everything there is very cheap except for tuition fees.
  • Studies show that Ireland is 8% cheaper than other countries that compete in Europe, and that housing rent is very independent while tuition fees have increased by 10%.
  • We will show you the easy ways to obtain a tourist and study visa, as well as the cost of living in Ireland.

Ireland Tourist Visa Conditions:

You will need:

  • A passport whose expiry period is more than 6 months, in addition to copies of passport pages, for other visa, and places that you visited before.
  • Fill out the tourist visa application online.
  • Paying the fees for the tourist visa: In the event that you want to obtain a short-term tourist visa, it is under the name of “short term C” and its price is 60 euros in the case you want to enter one time, but for multiple entry times it is 100 euros (if it is the first Once you visit Ireland it is difficult to get the second type.
  • Papers proving that you have a balance that covers your travel expenses (a six-month statement of account).
  • Three recent photos with white background requirement.
  • Reserve a ticket to return to your home country to prove that there are sufficient funds to return.
  • Mostly, you will need between two and eight weeks to obtain a Tourist Travel Visa to Ireland.
  • Ireland visa to study:

    Ireland is one of the countries that accepts international students from everywhere, and it seeks to develop education and receive employment by increasing its acceptance of international students from everywhere by 50 percent from last year.
    At the same time obtaining a Ireland visa to study one of the most difficult steps in the whole process, and we will explain how to extract it to simplify things.

    What is your nationality?

    • To obtain a visa, it is important to determine your nationality, because the method is completely different. For students in European Union countries and European economic regions, you will not need a visa to study in Europe.
    • For those who wish to obtain Ireland visa from outside the European countries, it is necessary to obtain a study visa.

    What type of visa do I need?

    • If you intend to stay in the country for less than ninety days, you will need to obtain a C visa for short stays visa.
    • For those who will participate in long-term programs of study, you can obtain a Class D visa, which will enable them to stay in Ireland for a longer period.
    • After you directly obtain a Class D residence, the first thing you need to do is to register yourself with the national immigration offices called GNIB, within ninety days of your arrival in the country.

    How to apply for a visa?

    You easily fill out the application form online with the need to print a copy of your form and signature with the copy sent to the Irish embassy or consulate in your country.

    What are the documents required to obtain a study visa in Ireland?

    After you’ve done the previous steps, all you have to do is prepare these papers, which you can start from now if you really intend to travel to Ireland:

    • A passport valid for a period of no less than 6 months.
    • When you expect to arrive and leave Ireland “If you have applied for a long-term study visa, it is preferable not to fill in this field”
    • Your detailed address in your country.
    • Details of your studies in your home country and the work you have done.
    • An official letter from the academic institution that will host you explaining that you have been accepted into a clear full-time study program, in which the number of weekly hours is not less than 14 hours per week.
    • Papers proving that you have paid the tuition fees in a comprehensive way to the host university.
    • A letter you signed, stating the reasons that motivate you to travel to Ireland, as well as information covering your family members in the European Union and a simple explanation about the course you want to join, and the field of work that you dream to participate in after your studies have ended.
    • Health insurance is one of the things many universities offer in Ireland
    • A bank statement for a period of at least six months of doing the account with the bank, stating that you have more than seven thousand euros a year and that you have enough money to cover your expenses during your studies in Ireland.
    • Documents proving that you will leave your country immediately after the end of your study period, whether airline tickets or papers by the host university prove that you will do so.

    Travel cost to Ireland:

    As we said, traveling to Ireland is very cheap when compared to other competing countries, where the latest statistics for the country indicate that the cost of living in Dublin is often between 8000 and 12100 euros per month, including rent bills, electricity and food in addition to textbooks, medicines and other other expenses Excluding tuition fees.

    The cost of housing in Ireland:

    • As for the costs of living in Ireland, they are very less if you want to live outside of Dublin.
    • People who rent out housing have to set a budget of 7803 euros per year, and the amount can increase or decrease depending on the type of housing you are looking for and the luxuries you want to have in your home.
    • Ireland is one of the very cold countries in which it rains heavily, so you will need between 57 and 150 for heating expenses. You will also need a large amount to cover electricity in your home. The sun rises at 8:30 in the morning and sets at 4:30 in Evening.

    Transport cost in Ireland:

    • Movement in the country depends largely on the city you are in. You can also take public transportation or ride a bike while you are touring the country.
    • In many of the major countries you will find bike places that facilitate their independence in the country, while transportation costs 1.25 euros and you can participate monthly or weekly in transportation, especially if you are studying in Ireland.

    The cost of recreational activities in Ireland:

    It is one of the countries famous for its wonderful music and its love for festivals, songs and art. This attracts everyone to spend the best times on the beaches of Ireland from everywhere.
    In Dublin, you will find many unique opportunities for enjoying the violin and sky of singers singing everywhere in the city streets with antique English songs known for their poetry and romance. You will never feel bored while you are in the city.

    For recreational activities costs:

    • You will need between 8 and 15 euros
    • The ticket for nightclubs is between 8 and 20 euros, depending on the nature of the place you wish to enter

    In the event that you are a student, you will get many discounts in restaurants and malls, and you can take advantage of these big discounts by simply obtaining a university card or papers proving that you are an international student in the town, and it is very easy to prove this through your own papers.

    Cost of different foods in Ireland:

    You will find many restaurants that provide excellent meals and make you feel full and healthy, at low prices, as well as meals that you can get at the university.
    Often you will need between 80 and 120 euros for the foods on your budget.

  • Milk: 1.5 €.
  • Bag of bread: 2 euros.
  • Butter “half a kilo”: 1.9 euros.
  • Secret kilo: 2 euros.
  • A quarter of a kilo of coffee: 4 euros.
  • To buy 160 tea bags: 7 euros.
  • Buy 2 liters of cocoa: 2 euros.
  • To buy a McDonald’s medium meal: 5 €.
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