Ingredients for tourism in Morocco

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Strategic location

The country of Morocco has a strategic location, as it is located in the north of the continent of Africa, and it is one of the countries bordering the Mediterranean, Spain in the north, the western desert from the south and the western side, bordered to the east and southeast by Algeria, to the south by the Western Sahara, and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean, To the north of the Mediterranean, the country is unique as the only African country overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Moroccan history

Morocco is distinguished by its long history dating back to the ancient Stone Age, and there are a large number of cities that reflect its history, including: Rabat, Casablanca, Fes, Tangier, and others, and the city of Fez has a history that deserves attention, as it was a prosperous center for the Jewish community in historical times The old, and it was one of the imperial cities in the ancient Morocco, and a distinguished commercial center, and the place was included in the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Other components of tourism in Morocco

There are several factors that attract tourists to Morocco, including:

  • The terrain nature of the country, including the snow-covered Atlas Mountains, and hot climates in the desert.
  • Historic sites.
  • Religious structures.
  • Beaches.
  • Domestic markets.

Places of tourist attraction in Morocco

Tourist attractions are considered one of the main attractions in Morocco, including the following:

  • Jamaâ El Fna Square: This main square is recognized by UNESCO, its foundation dates back to Almoravid, and is filled with markets, sounds and smells, representative shows, herbal sellers, storytellers, and artists, and it is thus one of the most vibrant places in the Moroccan city of Marrakech.
  • The battalion mosque: It is the oldest of the three minarets in the world, and it is characterized by its curved windows, ornate arches, pointed grooves, and its red stones, reaching a height of 70 meters.
  • Al-Badi Palace: The palace is the first destination for the city of Marrakech, and every year in the month of June, the Marrakech Folklore Festival is organized in this palace.
  • Bin Youssef Mosque: Its construction dates back to the late twelfth century and is the most important and oldest building in the city, and it is also a distinguished Islamic landmark.
  • Saadian tombs: It contains the remains of scattered members of the Saadi dynasty. Perhaps the room that contains 12 columns is the most important characteristic of this place.
  • The Almoravid Dome: It is the only building remaining from the Almoravid architecture.
  • Majorelle Garden: This large garden includes a group of swimming pools and fountains, and more than 15 species of birds, and is distinguished by Islamic art on its walls, and pottery decorations.


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