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Natural ingredients

There are many natural ingredients for tourism, including the following:

  • Geographical location: The geographical location of the country is a determining factor for the movement’s tourism activity in it, as European countries, for example, differ in their natural characteristics from Asian countries, which enhances the travel of tourists between them.
  • the climate: The climate plays an important role in attracting tourism delegations, and tourism resorts and sightseeing based on climate change have appeared between countries and countries.
  • Geomorphological structure and geological structure: The geomorphological structure of a region means the group of terrain abundant with it, such as mountains, valleys, rivers, and many others, while the geological structure is a rocky structure of the region, where these two properties appeal to adventurers and lovers of exploration from tourists according to the abundance and richness of their natural diversity.

Historical Archeology

Archeological components include the ancient heritage produced by human civilizations that connects man with his past, and constitutes the collective knowledge memory of the people of his race from humans. The world is almost.

Cultural and religious components

Tourists often go to a country to learn about the customs and traditions that prevail among its societal groups, where they participate in literary poetry events held on its lands, and they visit galleries and archaeological museums to see the effects of them, and perform folk dances, and there are those who mean holy religious places such as mosques, churches, And the attractions.

Climate of attractions

It can be said that the tourism sector is a sensitive sector that is easily affected by other sectors in the state, and changes with the occurrence of some events and events at the political, regional, and economic levels. These changes create an attractive or repellent environment for capital owners who want to enter the tourism field as investors, and the demand for tourists fluctuates Tourism in a country based on what the country provides in a safe and stable environment that encourages its visit, and guarantees that protect their rights in it.

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