The Taj Mahal from the inside, we will discuss the event in our article here about one of the most beautiful stories that express the love and loyalty, which is the story of building the Taj Mahal, and one of the architectural places that expresses the jewel of art, as we will know together the details and shape of the Taj Mahal from within, and Why the shrine was called this name, and many secrets that we do not know, through the following article on Arab travelers.

What is the Taj Mahal:

  • It is one of the seven wonders of the world, it is considered one of the most huge and magical places of the eye, due to its statues and the beauty of the temple, as it has a complex design, inlaid with precious stones, and it is found in India, where it is characterized by white marble, which was built by the Mughal Shah Jahan between The emperor during the period from 1631 AD to 1653 AD, for the sake of his beloved wife, whose name was Excellent Mahal.
  • As it is one of the most wonderful architectural places across the world, as this combines Mughal, Islamic, Turkish, Ottoman and Indian civilizations, as well as the beauty of white marble for that building that reflects the light coming from the moon and sunlight, which makes it appear as Color change.
  • One of the most distinguishing features of this place is that it is considered a sign and a symbol of love and loyalty. It is located in the city of Agra, which was called the city of Taj Mahal, and its place specifically on the banks of the Yamuna River, and every year millions of tourists come to it.

Taj Mahal story:

  • Start In the year 1607, Shah Jehan met the girl whom Persian loved Mumtaz replaced Muslim, and at that time he was not yet the emperor, he was a prince and he was almost 15 years old, and he called for Prince Kham, and he is the son of Mughal Jahangir the emperor, and he is also the grandson of Akbar The greatest, as he was joking with many girls in the royal market, and at the same time he met his girlfriend, whom he loved at first sight, but despite that, he could not marry Ba’a immediately, as he did not marry her until five years after their meeting.
  • Among the characteristics that distinguished Princess Mumtaz is not only beauty, but also her strong intelligence and her tender heart. She also had a large audience who lived her because of the great care she provided to them, and some of them: she was supervising the care of widows and orphans.
  • After spending 3 years from the time of the Emperor Shah Jahan’s reign, a revolt occurred in 1631 AD, which made the emperor prepare his army and prepare to eliminate him, and the princess was from her habit to accompany him always, even though she was during that period pregnant with her fourteenth son, and it happened that She placed the child but died soon after in his arms and was buried near the Taj Mahal, which was then built.
  • And the commandment of her husband, the emperor, is that he not marry after her, and that he show his love for the whole world by building the most beautiful building and the first shrine for a woman.
  • After her death, the emperor continued to cry for nearly eight days, as he entered a period of grief that lasted for two years, and then worked on implementing the will of his beloved Mumtaz Mahal, to build the shrine, where he brought the best architects, and painters of this era
  • The circumstances also helped him in the huge project, as his empire and its time are among the richest empires around the world, he was working to make him the greatest place in the world and seeks to achieve it in the fastest time, where he came with nearly 20 thousand workers and among them were many skilled .
  • And for the first time an octagonal structure was built of red sandstone and then it was covered with white marble, and the period that took that building is approximately 22 years, and the whole building is made of white marble, which was taken from all parts of India and also Central Asia, and The cost that this construction took is estimated at 32,000,000 rupees.
  • Shah Jahan remained the last 8 years of his life looking from the window, searching through the Taj Mahal for his beloved, and when the emperor died in 1666 AD he was buried near his beloved princess, in the tomb of the Taj Mahal in a crypt located on the ground floor.

Inside Taj Mahal Details:

Through our vision of many pictures of the Taj Mahal, we can see some complications, and that the Taj Mahal is a symbol of pride and pride, as the mosque, the guesthouse, and the main big gate at the southern end of the Taj Mahalan compound as we see verses from the Holy Qur’an have been written In Arabic calligraphy, it was written by the greatest calligrapher and his name is Amana Khan, who was a masterful and versatile business owner, and he finished writing the verses of the Qur’an that were plastered in black marble, and despite their making from the curves of the stone, but it seemed as if it was written by hand.
And 22 verses of the Noble Qur’an have been written, and the beauty of this calligraphy is clear because it is inlaid with wonderful flowers and they are found all over the Taj Mahal, and that is called Basmarsh Kari, and that means cutting stones with great skill, in addition to cutting some of the floral motifs from White marble, which was tasted with precious and semiprecious stones in order to make vines attached to flowers, there is also a garden in the Taj Mahal, and its place in the south of the mausoleum, and consists of four sections.

Today’s Taj Mahal:

Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful and wonderful places to visit. Try 3 million tourists, as it is characterized by a change in the color of white marble, and this is due to time. And, this opportunity is once a month, but it is this place that is a marvel, unfortunately in our time there are many factory spatials.

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