If you are planning to go on a trip to the Czech Republic, you should read the following article, the Czech Republic is one of the most popular tourist destinations among European countries, it is called “the jewel of the West” for the beauty of its cities and the atmosphere of the charming nature in it, you can while you stroll through its streets to feel that you are in another era so spread The houses surround you in their old architectural style, pebbly streets as in the Middle Ages, and a large number of ancient churches and temples.
It is intended by many for the purpose of medical tourism, as it has a number of mineral springs that are useful in healing some diseases. The capital, Prague, is one of the oldest cities in European countries, and is characterized by its location in the heart of Europe and its mild weather throughout the year. Today, the Arab Travelers website provides you with the information you need to prepare an interesting program for your trip to the Czech Republic.

A trip to Czech Republic

Chic is characterized by many historical tourist places that spread throughout, we gathered for you the most important of these places in the following lines:

First tourism in the Czech Republic

The city of Prague

  • One of the oldest cities in Europe, it is called a lot of titles such as the Golden City, and the city of constellations because of its many constellations
  • You can visit Prague astronomical clock, one of the most famous sights there. It is also the oldest astronomical clock operating in the world until now, and the third oldest clock built in the world.
  • You can spend a great time on Winselas Square, one of the most popular entertainment destinations, especially at night, with plenty of cafes, restaurants and shops.
  • “Charles Bridge” and its medieval builders is located over the “Vltava” river, which is characterized by its architectural design. It was built over 16 arches, and there are 3 towers on it. A number of statues and sculptures are spread over it.
  • You can visit Prague Castle, which is ranked according to the Arab travelers, the largest construction complex in Guinness, and millions of tourists visit it every year.
  • As for if you want to enjoy the charming old atmosphere, you can head to the Old Town Square, and it includes old forms of architecture from different eras, in addition to the monuments scattered there and the old churches.
  • You can visit the dancing building, which is characterized by its unconventional architecture and attracts the attention of many to visit.
  • Among the most famous landmarks of Prague is the “Lennon Wall”, which is an artistic portrait of the songs of the “The Beatles” band, and it is still allowed to be written on it so far as a form of expression of peace.
  • Petrin Tower and Park attracts a lot of tourists. The tower was built in 1891 AD as a simulation model of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, located in the park which features several gardens with stunning views.

Cesky Krumlov

  • One of the Czech cities that is famous for its romantic nature that usually attracts couples, it is one of the most famous cities in Europe for those who want to spend a special honeymoon.
  • It houses many medieval historical monuments.
  • The old quarter is one of the most famous tourist attractions in it.
  • There is also the second largest palaces in the world, “Krumlov” Palace, you can climb to the tower overlooking the city to enjoy the view of the entire city from above.
  • There are many restaurants and cafes in its streets that offer the best food and drink.
  • In addition to its picturesque natural atmosphere, it is one of the quietest cities in the Czech Republic.

The city of Marianske Lazne

  • Among the cities that many go to for the purpose of medical tourism, there are many medicinal springs and many sanatoriums around it.
  • One of the most famous attractions is the dancing fountain, so many people come to see water shows on music melodies, especially at night, but the fountain does not work in winter.
  • For many, it means “The Pillar Park”, which is the most famous one with its unique architectural style. It is a suitable place for hiking and relaxation. There are also 3 therapeutic springs suitable for drinking.
  • However, the most distinctive tourist attraction in it is the “Bohemian Garden”, which includes a small group of many famous palaces and castles in the Czech Republic.

The city of Karlovy Vary

  • Many tourists also go to it for treatment, and there are many treatment centers.
  • The “Ferdinli Colonada” Center is the most famous therapeutic center there, it is characterized by its architectural design in the Romen style, and it also has a large garden with various types of flowers and plants that its guests can enjoy hiking around, in addition to the healing springs.
  • You can visit the “Diana Tower”, which provides wonderful views of the forests from above, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • And, of course, you cannot miss the Butterfly House.
  • The city has many markets where you can enjoy a walk among its streets to buy souvenirs.
  • One of the most famous souvenir shops there is “The Glass House”.

Second, the cost of tourism in the Czech Republic

  • The Czech Republic is the cheapest of the other European countries.
  • You can also follow some tricks to save a little money, such as using public transportation instead of taxis.
  • Rely on fast food instead of luxury restaurants.
  • Food is also cheap in the Czech Republic.
  • On average, an individual may need close to 100 Euros per day in the Czech Republic.

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