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Ipoh, Malaysia

Ipoh is located in the middle of the Kenta Valley, which is the capital of the state of Perak (Firq). It owns a mountain range called Kledang between its lands. In the year 1880 AD as a mining city, the Malaysian city of Ipoh prospered greatly in the 1920s.

Ipoh City Landmarks

The hills surrounding Ipoh are famous for their unique cave temples, such as the Chinese Buddhist temple (Kick Lok Tong) and the Sam Po Tong Temple. The city also houses caves such as Gua Tempurung Cave, which is a suitable place for infiltrators, and is an attractive city landmark. Also, the amazing Gunung Lang Lake, Ipoh is famous for its unique restaurants that offer varied and famous dishes in addition to fresh fruit. There are also many golf courses and museums in the city such as the Darul Ridzuan Historical Museum, Han China Pet Soo Museum, and many Other miscellaneous features.

Information about the city of Ipoh

The countryside around Ipoh is surrounded by large sand pits from which raw oil is extracted, either by dredging, or by using the washing method using high pressure hoses. Ipoh owns the Chandero Dam, which is located near the Perak River (Firak), which supplies more than 40 factories Tusk factories electrically, and the city is the most important station on the railway linking Kuala Lumpur and Butterworth, and is the hub of highways that pass through the valley.
Ipoh is a major tin mining center, and its economy is also dependent on rubber plantations and limestone quarries in its manufacture. Ipoh is classified as a modern commercial city.

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