Iraqi antiquities

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The land of Iraq occupies a large part of the global attention space, due to its richness in natural resources, but many people around the world were bewitched by the land of Iraq for another reason, which is its cultural richness, which is not matched by any other land, whatever it is. It is the land on which nations and civilizations have wrestled throughout history, leaving a huge amount of archaeological monuments to remain witness to the nobility of this region, and the extent of civilization progress that has reached it.

The archaeological monuments on the land of Iraq belong to the various civilizations that have fought among themselves for their presence on this land, as these monuments are distributed throughout the country, which confirms that the whole of Iraq was a civilized land, and that some Iraqi cities gained status without what they did not obtain Many other cities around the world, and here are some of the most important monuments in Iraq.

The most important monuments in Iraq

Religious monuments

The land of Iraq contains many important religious monuments belonging to the followers of the monotheistic religions and others. Among the monuments that concern Muslims are the tombs of Islamic figures such as the tombs of the imams Ali bin Abi Talib, Hussein bin Ali bin Abi Talib, Musa al-Kazim, Abdul Qadir al-Gilani, Abu Hanifa al-Numan and others.

What concerns the Muslims, including Iraqi religious monuments, is the mosque, such as the Kufa Mosque, which includes the place where Imam Ali – may God bless him – was martyred, the Hananah Mosque, the Mosque of the Caliphs, which was built during the reign of the Caliph, who was only satisfied with God, and many other mosques.

The monuments of interest to Christians are the Monastery of Mar Elijah, which is considered one of the oldest monasteries in Iraq at all, the Monastery of St. Behnam, the Church of Our Lady of Transition, the Church of the Red, the Monastery of Sheikh Mar Matti, and others. Of interest to the Jews on the land of Iraq is the Temple of Mir Twij, the shrine of the Prophet Nahum, the Great Synagogue of Baghdad, and others. Iraq also contains important religious landmarks for both the Yazidis and Sabeans.

Historical monuments

Perhaps the most prominent historical monument on the land of Iraq is the Ishtar Gate, which was built during the era of Nebuchadnezzar, as it is considered the eighth gate of the Iraqi city of Babylon. Among the prominent and distinctive historical monuments are the Al-Mustansiriya School, which was built during the Abbasid era by the Caliph Al-Mustansir Billah, the Kirkuk Castle, which is located in the heart of the Iraqi city of Kirkuk, and the Al-Malwiyah Lighthouse in the Samarra region, which is an Iraqi icon par excellence, and many others.


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