“The Island”, or “Taste the Island,” the first large-scale food and drink experiences festival in Ireland, invites visitors to indulge in contemporary Irish cuisine that lasts until November 30.

The festival is set to be the world’s longest food festival across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and focuses heavily on using fresh local produce from farms and the sea. The festival prepares its visitors as an unparalleled culinary journey, to celebrate Irish-made food and beverages and highlight local, world-famous ingredients. They will also have the opportunity to take part in practical cooking lessons and experience a range of local food tours that embody the rich history of Irish cuisine.

An exploration trip with food tours

Galway food tours are organized throughout the festival, on Saturday and Sunday in Galway, the cultural capital of Ireland. Visitors will dive into the history of cobbled streets while having the opportunity to explore some of Galway’s culinary places of interest, meet artisan producers and experience their local produce. The tours will also include award-winning restaurants, so visitors can learn about fresh produce in the area, such as the local Galloway oysters, while enjoying the attractive atmosphere of the West. Day and evening tours are available, and those looking to explore the West in a more adventurous way can opt for an enthusiastic dining tour while cycling.

Traditional local flavors

For visitors who want to savor the finest Irish delicacies and local ingredients, the Sage Restaurant in Middleton, County Cork must be on their list. The restaurant is located in the city of Cork, which is famous for its good people, and takes pride in local products while securing most of their ingredients sourced within 12 miles of the restaurant. Grass-fed livestock products and nature-fed poultry come from fertile farmland and specialized farmers in Middleton. Fresh fish are caught daily off the east coast of Cork, and when seasons permit, vegetables, fruits and herbs are collected and served.

An awakening experience

In the “Guinness Storehouse” store located in Dublin, Ireland’s thriving capital, visitors await a multi-sensing tasting trip with the “Sevest” Festival organized by Guinness Storehouse, with special tickets to enter from September 1 to November 30, to provide the best seafood and drinks ever. Where guests can enjoy delicious offerings of food and drink while the storyteller tells stories of Irish seafood history as part of the local cuisine. An amazing atmosphere awaits everyone looking for an authentic tasting experience of the island.

Food tours on foot in Winterfell

The “Enniskillen” taste experience extends from July 1 to November 30, and promises flavors to satisfy all tastes. The hiking tour begins at the beautiful and historic Castle of Enniskillen, located in Northern Ireland, where visitors will be escorted on a city tour to get to know the residents and sample samples from more than 25 different products. The interactive tour will allow visitors to savor delicious local cuisine, such as freshly baked bread and cakes, and ice cream of fresh cow’s milk and local drinks. They will also have the opportunity to see one of the most famous chapters of the series “Game of Thrones” or “Game of Thrones”, which is located in the famous “Blix of the Hollow” cafe, which is 125 years old, during a walking tour rich in flavors and historical information.

Ireland organizes the longest tasting festival in the world
Ireland organizes the longest tasting festival in the world

Ireland organizes the longest tasting festival in the world

Ireland organizes the longest tasting festival in the world

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