Is Goa worth a visit?

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Goa is one of the most beautiful places in India. What is the weather like in Goa? What is the best time to visit it? What are the special things about this place from others in the world? You will never regret visiting Goa, the most beautiful province of India.

Is Goa worth a visit – weather in Goa:

  • Goa has a wonderful tropical climate, where you will find the wind blowing over the city at the same time every year, which is the best destination for tourism after a severe summer because it enjoys monsoons, and the weather in the summer is very hot in the months between March and May.
  • For the weather in June through August, the rains are severe during this period of the year.
  • The weather in November and February is at its best, as the weather is very mild, so the city is attracted by a large number of tourists from all parts of the world, which makes it crowded with tourists.
  • The best time to enjoy Goa can be considered at best in times of rain or monsoons, where you will feel a lot of adventure and suspense, and will be the ideal destination for fans of walking in the rain in an idyllic atmosphere like this.

Goa Points of Interest:

Lots of people are wondering lately, is Goa deserving of this Indian state, which is a destination visited by tourists and has increased visitor demand? Well it is considered one of the most beautiful semi-continents in India, and we will inform them on the website of Arab travelers about the most important characteristic of this tourist destination and the decision will be yours.

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The beauty of beaches in Goa:

Goa beaches are ranked among the best beaches around the world, which are more than a mile long, which provides you with an amazing opportunity to walk on the sandy beaches of amazing golden color, palm trees surround you dazzlingly and beautifully, and the nature around you everywhere, inevitably is the ideal destination to spend time In the arms of nature.

The vibrant Goa Markets:

Goa gives you the opportunity to explore the vital markets in India, and there are many dazzling and most important merchandise, ornaments and spices with a beautiful taste, and handmade accessories, and the most famous Goa markets have ever been the Abra Market, which takes place every Saturday, and the Anju Market that takes place In the evening, the Mapusa Market. You will enjoy an unforgettable shopping experience.

Poeticism in Goa:

Goa can enjoy the most beautiful and idyllic beaches ever, which makes it the preferred destination for honeymooners, and you will be amazed by the intense nature charm and beauty of the coast.
You will find many romantic restaurants to spend an evening with your beloved in an idyllic sense, and you can just wander on the beach or ride boats on the coast to see the beauty of Goa.

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Numerous recreational activities:

  • Many different celebrations and activities, especially marine and outdoor activities, are organized.
  • Do not hesitate to dive in to see the beauty of the sea floor, surfing, windsurfing, playing tennis or sunbathing.
  • You can rent a car, wheel or motorbike to see distant places and explore new places for you in Goa. The state also gives you the opportunity to see hunters while working in the wild, and hunt them for animals.
  • Don’t miss kayak rides, take a picnic and take the most memorable pictures in Goa.

Goa State Culture:

Goa State combines Portuguese culture and Indian culture in a very impressive way, and it contains many attractions for tourists, which will always make you curious to see more and more about the city. In the Indian state of Goa there are many monuments of tourism, and you can visit the old town in order to learn more about the World Heritage places in Goa, as the state was under the rule of Portugal in the sixteenth century.
Goa has been under occuAl Bahahn of Portugal for more than 450 years, which is the reason for the Portuguese fortifications spread along the coast.

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Dazzling foods in Goa:

Indians are known for their passion for food full of spices of different flavors and beautiful scents, which makes food in Goa unlike any other place in the world, as food in the city has its own unique style of wonderful Indian character.

The people in Goa:

Among the people who love tourists most, as they are a great income for the region, they are friendly and welcoming people by their nature, and do not hesitate to provide aid or make new friends and help tourists enjoy their time to the fullest time during their visit to Goa. You will be amazed at the intensity of their love for tourists and their impressive reception.

Elegant accommodation in the embrace of nature

Goa gives you the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful stay and the picturesque nature surrounding you from every side, and gives you the opportunity to get to know new cultures, and hotels provide you with all the services you wish during your stay.
One of the most famous places to live in Goa is the beach houses, which are the most famous alternatives to hotels for enjoying a wonderful natural holiday.

Goa and the magic of nature around you:

  • The beauty of Goa is not only embodied in the beaches, as God has loved it with many dazzling landscapes, including fresh rivers and coconut palm trees, in addition to waterfalls, water springs and dazzling slopes in addition to the dense forests and rural areas.
  • You will find plenty of quiet places to walk and think or to calm your mind and if you love cycling you can explore the roads completely safe, and do not forget to visit spice farms, remote parts of Goa, rural villages of breathtaking nature and calm atmosphere throughout the year. You will definitely not tire of your visit to Goa, and we will wish to visit them every year.



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