Is the Comoros an Arab country?

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Comoros is an Arab country

Comoros is one of the twenty-two Arab countries and Arab countries, officially known as the Comorian Islands, and its capital is the city of Morini, and its land area is 1.862 km2, and its system of government is a federal republic, and its national motto is (unity – solidarity – development), Its official currency is the lunar franc, symbolized as KMF.

The island consists of four islands: Maori Island, Anzwani Island, Ngazijiao Island, and Mawali Island, and also contains several small islands, and its economy depends on fishing, and the agriculture sector, whose main agricultural crops are Ylang-Ylang, Vanilla, Sisal, Cocoa and Coffee , The animal husbandry sector, and the forest management sector.


It is located geographically near the eastern coast of the continent of Africa in the waters of the Indian Ocean, specifically in the Mozambique Channel, and the island does not have any land borders, but it is among the countries that are close to it: Mozambique, Madagascar and Tanzania, and it is astronomically located between longitudes 43.11 degrees to 19.45 east of the Greenwich Line, and between two circles Width 20.11 degrees to 4.13 degrees south of the equator, and its climate is a temperate tropical climate; two main seasons prevail: dry and cold seasons and rainy seasons, and the island is exposed to very strong hurricanes that destroy its infrastructure.


With a population of 600.00 thousand people, according to statistics in 2010 AD, the population consists of Arabs, Malay groups, Shirazians, and Africans, and there are some minorities from the Chinese, whites, French, Indians, and Malagasy people, and the official language of the population is three languages, they are French, And the lunar language, and the Arabic language, as the population speaks some local languages ​​such as the language of Shimakr, the alphabet of Latin, and the Malagasy language, while religion owes the majority of the population to the Islamic religion, and there is a minority that condemns the Christian Catholic religion.

general information

  • The islands were occupied by France in the year 1841 AD, but gained independence from it in the year 1975 AD on the sixth day of July.
  • Among the membership and membership belonging to it: the League of Arab States, the African Union, the International Finance Corporation, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the United Nations, the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, the International Development Association, the African Development Bank, the Arab Monetary Fund, and the International Center For the settlement of advisory disputes, the Alliance of Small Island States.
  • According to estimates by the year 2009, the gross domestic product is 772 million dollars, the per capita GDP is 1,159 thousand dollars, and the gross domestic product has reached 532 million dollars.

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