Is Turkey a country of stability? Turkey, where beauty, sophistication, luxury and the latest fashion, have you ever thought of living before or even visiting? We find that everyone has wrapped around her during the last fifteen years because of the TV series spread across all TV screens. Arab travelers help you if you want to visit it or even settle in.

Is Turkey a country of stability?

The percentage of immigration and travel to Turkey tripled during the recent period, so we find that it has increased from 11 million immigrants to 49.4 million, which is considered one of the best countries in which to live.

Advantages of living in Turkey

  • As it passes a state of political and social stability, making it a quiet land that welcomes many people to live in.
  • Its people; the Turkish people are friendly, hospitable and welcoming to foreigners.
  • The state of economic recovery that you are going through affects the growth of investments. If you want to invest in it, it is encouraged, as it has recently included 15 billion US dollars from foreigners who invest in it.
  • Their lack of racism always makes them protect the rights of foreigners, so there is no distinction between a Turkish citizen and a foreigner.
  • It is originally an Islamic country and is controlled by the Islamic character, and this leads to attracting Arabs to it.
  • The visa is one of the most difficult steps that may hinder your way to travel to a country, but in Turkey it is easy to obtain it, because of the rapid response of Turkish officials to reply to you.
  • The advantages of living in Turkey in terms of cost

  • It has all the suitable places for you in terms of cost, if you want to live in a country with a good level, there is Istanbul and click it. Or if you prefer to live in a low level you can live in Mersin, Konya, Hatay, it has charming views and the standard of living is cheap.
  • Arabs find a lot of their products in Turkey, which does not make them feel strange, so there are Arabic bread, rice and Arabic spices, and there are many Arab restaurants in them.
  • Advantages of living in Turkey in terms of work

  • Providing job opportunities; it works to provide opportunities for foreigners in most of their companies and factories.
  • If you do not prefer to work under pressure or with specific dates, you can work as a translator for any language, whether Arabic or foreign, due to the large number of foreigners in the country from all countries, or it is possible to open a tourist company or restaurant and enough, so its labor markets need such specialties.
  • If you are looking for a job with a distinct salary and are fluent in the Turkish language, then you have the intention of engineering specialization companies, as they are institutions that increase the volume of their work on a daily basis.
  • The advantages of living in Turkey for students

  • Thousands of students come to her for the purpose of science in her distinguished university, where many of her university have obtained high ranks in the global ranking of universities.
  • Many universities have engraved their names in the minds of students from all over the world.
  • It has an advanced level of education.
  • Follow modern curricula, and practical training in equipped laboratories and they have one of the techniques and means to access information to the student.
  • We find that the city of Istanbul, which combines Western development and retaining the ancient history of Turkey, includes the most distinguished universities, such as Behçeşehir University and Kadir House University.
  • A city in Ankara also has prestigious universities that offer high-end content of science, as many students go to it for the purpose of science and it is one of the most vital cities.
  • The student’s residence is granted to him from the primary stage to the doctorate
  • How to obtain residency in Turkey

    Go to the competent authorities and prepare your papers, such as:

    • A statement showing your financial condition and that it is sufficient and permanent.
    • 4 pictures similar to your passport photos.
    • Life insurance policy.
    • An original copy of the marriage certificate.
    • An original copy of the birth certificate.

    We hope that we have helped you with your thinking if you prefer to settle in Turkey.

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