Ishq Istanbul Restaurant is one of the most beautiful Istanbul restaurants on the sea that gives you a unique opportunity to enjoy and relax while eating, it directly overlooks the Bosphorus and provides visitors with sophisticated dining sessions in an elegant atmosphere and simple decorations.

Perhaps the most important attraction of tourists instead of other Istanbul restaurants is the charming view that grabs eyes and hearts at first sight, it is an irreplaceable opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

To get to know the most important features of the restaurant that made it fall among the most popular and famous cafes in Istanbul, the sea is among the visitors .. Follow the next lines with us.

Direct view of the sea from Ishk Café Istanbul

Dishes are well known for the passion Cafe Istanbul

A variety of European, international and Turkish dishes are served from exquisite breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It ranges from pastries, cakes and exquisite Turkish bread, and burgers are served in the most delicious taste you can taste, delicious pastas, toast, as well as delicious Turkish desserts.

Halal meat, grilled kebabs, pizza, and salads of all kinds are also served.

Eshq Restaurant in Istanbul is a professional restaurant offering delicious pastries

Istanbul Love Cafe menu

The Istanbul Love Cafe menu is divided into several sections, as follows:

Cold Drinks: It includes all types of soft drinks and fresh, cold juices.

Hot drinks: It includes a large number of hot drinks, the most famous of which is Turkish tea and delicious Turkish coffee.

Breakfast: It provides many options for Turkish breakfast in front of the guests, such as cheese, jam, toast, croissants, eggs, pies, salads.

Sandwiches: of various types delicious.

Salads: Oslo salad, salad with spinach, Izmir salad with toli cheese, Istanbul salad.

Vegetarian foods of all kinds, as well as a section of the menu for pizza of all kinds.

Snacks and snacks section, ice cream, bar drinks, and cocktails.

Cold drink section in the menu of Ashk Restaurant in Istanbul
Breakfast section in the menu for love of Istanbul
The pasta section of the menu Ashk Café in Istanbul

Opening hours at Ishq Café in Istanbul

Open all week from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Delicious breakfasts in Istanbul Love Cafe

Ishq Café Reviews in Istanbul

The restaurant had a great share of the admiration and admiration of Istanbul visitors, which made it worth getting excellent reviews based on its wonderful location overlooking the Bosphorus coast, the cleanliness of the place, the quality of the food served, along with the staff screen.

A distinctive look while dining at Ishq Café in Istanbul

Attractions near Ashq Restaurant

Ishq Restaurant site is about 4.1 km from Dolmabahce Palace, Yildiz Palace is 4.2 km away, and Maritime Museum is 3.4 km away.

Attractions near Istanbul's love cafe

The best Istanbul hotels near Istanbul cafe ishq restaurant

Hotel Les Automans Bosphorus is one of the best hotels in Istanbul, and is just 96 meters away from the restaurant.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

An excellent rating for the location, amenities, staff, cleanliness, value for money.

Hotel reservation

Ishq restaurant website in Istanbul

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