Island of Lovers

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Island of Lovers

The Island of Lovers, or “Phi Phi Island”, is located in the state of Thailand between the western coast of the Andaman Sea and Phuket Island, and its area is estimated at approximately 130,000 m 2. The world, and in our article we will talk about its shape, tourism, and the possibility of renting it.

Island shape

This island takes a shape similar to the shape of the heart and has scars; as a result of the continuous excavations in it, which made many lovers, lovers, and people with broken hearts turn to it, but the engineers confirmed that this shape will change with time; as a result of the continuation of dredging operations in it, and that it will become more Magnificence and beauty from before, this shape appeared clearly as a heart with two large bandages on its sides in a picture published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail” when it was taken by a satellite.

Tourism on the island of lovers

This island is considered one of the most beautiful, magnificent, and magical regions, which made it a destination for capital owners and a lot of people. It has sea water, clear springs that are almost green in color due to the intensity of its beauty and serenity, and the calm and calm atmosphere, which made it a quiet area Comfortable for everyone who goes to it, as everyone who visits it sees it as a paradise that God created on this earth.

Sights on the island of lovers

The island was destroyed in 2004 when it was hit by a tsunami, until it was restructured again, and it gained its fame by filming films in it, the last of which was the beach movie in 2000 AD by Leonardo Cabrio, and one of the most important tourist attractions in this island:

* Furnished hotels and suites.
* Tourist resorts and cottages.

  • The scenic beaches with pure blue waters where the island’s residents and tourists practice daily swimming.
  • Tree-covered sloping rocks.
  • Palm-filled forests, plants and dense trees.
  • Wonderful landscapes such as water tongues, and large rocks.

The possibility of renting the island

The process of buying an island wherever its location is almost impossible, given its high price, but this island was distinguished by the possibility of renting it. Its owner, Richard Branson, announced that he would rent his heart-shaped island for an amount of 9000 dollars, equivalent to 33.75 thousand Saudi riyals, so he could The person hired to enjoy all the services available in it, such as transportation, hotel accommodations, water dinners and other services.


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