Island of Malta

المسافرون العرب

Island of Malta

It is located in Italy and is considered the largest of the main islands located in it, which constitute what is known as the Maltese archipelago, and is sometimes called the name of Valletta; for statistical purposes and to distinguish them from other major islands, it is located specifically in the middle of the Mediterranean basin, where it is bordered on the southern side by Italy and the northern side Libya, with an area of ​​about two hundred and forty-six square kilometers, while its capital is Valletta, and it consists of another group of cities that together constitute urban areas inhabited by about 409,259 people, and overlooks its views over a group of hills and fields.
Due to its location and beauty, the island of Malta annually attracts more than a million visitors, so that the number of tourists coming to it exceeds its population by about three times, and that was helped by its infrastructure, hotels and construction, in addition to tourism and medical services in it, so it includes a hospital that gets its resources and supplies from United States of America.

Language and milestones

The primary language in it is the Maltese language, which came from the regions of southern Italy, and was the result of the merger of a group of languages ​​coming from France and Britain in addition to Sicily, and it was finally formed in the beginning of the nineteenth century AD, in addition to a small group of other dialects, and among the most prominent features of Malta Airport The international airport, which was built by the RAF Luqa air bases, was operated in World War II, and then closed, but now it contains a group of national parks and international stadiums, and a group of museums that attract large numbers of tourists.

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It constituted a large part of the total GDP in Italy, and was classified as one of the most economically developed islands according to statistics carried out by the International Monetary Fund, and until the year 1800 AD remained dependent on cotton and tobacco production in addition to building ships and marine vessels for the export of these products, and in the War of the Summit In 1854 AD, Italy controlled and obtained its ships, and it strengthened its economy in the year 1869 AD by opening the Suez Canal, and also allowed its ships to stop at certain stations and refueling and others, and this helped to develop the economy there, knowing that this economy deteriorated in the year 1940 AD, And But he regained his strength after the end of the Second World War. Currently, it contains a group of resources, the most important of which is limestone and a workforce, in addition to its geographical location, which produces 20% of the food needs, and gets a good supply of fresh water as a result of the drought that prevails in the summer. , And the most prevalent one in it now is the production of movies.

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