Island of Palau

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Island of Palau

It is located in the Pacific Ocean, specifically in the eastern part of the Philippines. In the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy-eight AD, its independence was declared after it was under the tutelage program by the United Nations, and in the year 1986 AD, a free cooperation agreement was concluded. This treaty was applied in the year 1993 AD. After that it was considered a sovereign modern and small country.


It consists of six groups of islands located in the Pacific Ocean, and is located about 800 km from the eastern coast of the Philippines, and 3,200 from the southern islands of Japan, and is located within the island region called Micronesia, which includes the Palau Islands, in addition to a group of islands located in the side Southwest of the island, and the number of these islands is approximately three hundred and fifty islands, of which only nine are inhabited.

The climate of Palau is characterized as tropical, and the rainy season is between May and November, and humidity rises in these months greatly, and because it contains a large number of islands, the length of its beaches reaches approximately one thousand five hundred kilometers, and the average annual temperature rise equals 27 Celsius degree, and in general its weather is known to be highly volatile.


Man settled on the island more than 1000 BC, and it is assumed that the first inhabitants of the island came from Australia, Indonesia, and Polynesia, and in 1574 AD the island was annexed to the control of the East Indian government and Spain, and it was called the New Spain, and in the year 1696 AD the captain’s boat was destroyed The Englishman Henry Wilsum dedicated to transporting mail from Ulleung side in Palau, and after he survived the king of the island allowed him to take the daughter of the prince who is called Li Po to England, and after his arrival in Britain in the year 1784 AD he died.

In the year 1889 AD, the Spanish colonized the island, and they sold it to the Germans after their loss in the American-Spanish war, and it came under the control of Germany in the First World War, and in 1919 AD it was seized by Japan, and after a battle costing the two parties heavy losses that were placed under American custody by a decision of the United Nations, In the year 1994 AD, it gained its independence, and a free association pact was signed with the United States of America.


The island relies heavily on the tourism sector, which is visited by many tourists during the year, because it contains many beautiful scenery, and the presence of picturesque coral reefs, in addition to that it is famous for agriculture, fishing, and gets many American aid annually.


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