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Emirate of Dubai

The Emirate of Dubai is one of the Emirates of the United Arab Emirates, and the largest after the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, with a population of 2.643 million, and is characterized by the presence of many islands and attractive tourist areas in it, which is visited by thousands of tourists annually, especially the residents of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf; where there is a lot in all the islands Of the distinguished tourism services on a global level, and each island has special features that we will mention in this article.

Dubai Islands

Baniyas Island

It is one of the natural islands of Dubai, and it is considered one of the largest islands in the United Arab Emirates, and it is located in the southwestern part of the Emirate of Dubai, 250 km away, and it is characterized as a transit area for many other Dubai islands, and many types of animals live in it, especially the endangered animals; The Arabian, the Adami, Reem gazelle, giraffes, leopards, and many other types of animals, and a large group of trees and plants. Baniyas Island is considered a natural reserve for wildlife, and it is preferred by tourists interested in animal species, lovers of exploration, safaris, wal Camping, mountain riders, swimming and diving practitioners, archery can also be practiced on the island to provide many of its own stadiums, and visit the newly discovered Christian Monastery, which dates back to 600 AD.

Jebel Ali Island

It is one of the artificial islands that was established in 2002 AD, and it contains many tourist areas and wonderful tourism services, there are many hotels, large resorts, parks, and marinas, and tourists can enjoy the view of houses built over the water, which is one of the most beautiful scenes in the world .

The World Islands

It is a group of distinctive artificial islands of small size compared to other islands, and there are many luxurious homes and tourist resorts that provide all services to tourists, in addition to enjoying the view of the Burj Al Arab from its port, and watching many scenic landscapes.

Palm Jumeirah Islands

It is the smallest artificial island in the Emirate of Dubai in terms of area, and is characterized by the form of a beautiful palm tree, and it consists of a crown and seven fronds, and a trunk, surrounded by a large arc in the form of a semicircle, as it is characterized as the largest area for the collection of airships, and from which many Queen Queen Mary’s second trips originate. Globalism.


It is one of the islands, which is 20 miles from the coast of Dubai, and is characterized by its crescent shape, and is a popular destination for many tourists who love adventure, climbing, surfing, snorkeling, trekking and enjoying the atmosphere of relaxation and rest away from work, the troubles of life, the sounds of cars, and factory smoke .

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