Islands in Turkey

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It is considered one of the transcontinental countries, as it is located between the Asian and European continents, and it belongs administratively to the European, and contains dozens of islands located in various cities of the country, and the main reason behind this number is that it possesses a diverse geographical nature, as it contains many areas overlooking On lakes, and seas.

The most important islands in Turkey

Turkey consists of many islands, the most important of which are:


AKCA is located on the Turkish Aegean coast, specifically in the city of Izmir between the islands of Arab, Yasika, Cicek, Kurtas, and Anseiliye, and it is one of the uninhabited islands inhabited, surrounded by turquoise waters, and this makes it one of the destinations of swimming during the summer for the people of Izmir , And overlooks many picturesque natural areas.


It is the largest island in the Ayvalik archipelago, and is located in the northwest corner of the Aegean Sea in the province of Balikesir, and its total area reaches 23 square kilometers, and contains many tourism services such as resorts, and transportation services such as buses, as it connects with Lal Island via a bridge built in late in the year 1960 AD, historically it took the capital of the Greek Orthodox in 1922 AD.


It is an island located off the coast of Turkey near the city of Fethiye, and contains the remains of many churches that were built between the fourth and sixth centuries AD, and it is believed that these monuments are the place of the original tomb of St. Nicholas, and it is intended by many tourists to take a tour with small boats around the island, and it can be seen Byzantine ruins while wandering at sea.


It is one of the small islands located near the Damra region of the Antalya Province, and it is uninhabited by the population, and its total area is 4.5 square kilometers, and it was used by the Italian occupation to harvest wood within an agreement between the two countries.

It suffered during the second century from the destruction of the old town on the northern side by an earthquake that struck the region, and during the 1990’s the Ministry of Environment and Forests declared it a private reserve, and prohibits all types of diving and swimming except with special permits, and the ban was recently lifted.

Other islands

  • Adair: Also known as Lim, it is found in Lake Van, and the area where more than a dozen Armenian women and children migrated to it.
  • Akdamar: Also known as Igtumar, it is the second largest of the four islands in Lake Van in eastern Turkey, and is located at an altitude of 80 meters above the lake level, and is home to the Armenians during the tenth century.
  • Ysida: It is the Democratic Freedom Island and it is one of the Princes’ Islands in the Sea of ​​Marmara, it is located in the southeast corner of Istanbul, and its total area reaches 0.05 square kilometers.

Maadi Island

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