Islands of Greece

المسافرون العرب

Islands of Greece

The Greek islands are a major factor in shaping the cultural identity of Greece and the customs and traditions of its people. Greece includes 6000 sprawling islands between the Aegean and the Ionian Sea, which constitutes a unique natural phenomenon at the level of the European continent, including 227 inhabited islands, and the Greek archipelago occupies 7,500 km Out of 16,000 km of the coastline of Greece, it boasts stunning landscapes and recreational coasts decorated with colorful volcanic sand, and many Greek coasts approved European for several activities extending to swimming to deep sea diving and surfing Sailing, and which is characterized by the shores of Greece also that punish them for many Oo’rourbah civilizations in the foot than behind the archaeological sites and unique style architecture attractive, so that the moderate climate and safe waters and the short distance between the ports of ships and beaches, making them desirable yeas more among foreign tourists.

Greek Islands groups

The number of Greek islands that are located on the Aegean Sea reaches hundreds of islands classified into seven groups according to their location from the Aegean Sea, and the main reason behind this classification is for administrative and organizational purposes, while the seven groups are as follows:

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  • Northern Islands: It is located mostly in the north of the Aegean Sea, such as the islands (Lesbos, Chois, Pessara, Ikaria and Samos) located in Greece and the islands (Tenedos and Jokiada) located in Turkey with an area of ​​1422 square miles.
  • West Islands – Yopia: This group of islands includes the largest island called Yopia It is the second largest island at the level of the Aegean Islands and has an area of ​​1422 square miles
  • Sporades: Or also called Thessalonian sporades This group consists of 24 islands, the most important of which is an island Alonissos And an island Skopelos And an island Skiathos
  • Cyclades: This group of islands is located on the southern side of the Aegean Sea, and the number of islands is estimated at 220, with an area of ​​93 square miles
  • Saronic Islands: This group is located near the eastern coast line of Greece from the western side of the Aegean Sea, and this group took its name from the Saronic Gulf, and it consists of seven main inhabited islands (Aegina, Dukos, Hydra, Poros, Salamina, Agestre and Spetses)
  • Dodecanese Islands: Also known as Southern Sporades There are a total of 160 islands with a total area of ​​1048 square miles
  • Crete: It consists of one island called Crete with an area of ​​3,206 square miles

Facts about Greece

Unique facts and information about Greece, including those related to its geographical, historical and demographic nature:

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  • The official name of Greece is the Greek Republic
  • Greece is located in southeastern Greece, near Asia and Africa.
  • Greece’s population in 2011 was about 11 million.
  • considered as Athena It is the capital of Greece and its largest city.
  • About two thirds of the Greek population lives in rural areas.
  • The official language is Greek.
  • Greece is the most mountainous country in Europe.
  • The Olympics arose in ancient Greece.

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