Islands of Indonesia

المسافرون العرب

Islands of Indonesia

The island, in its geographical sense, is an area of ​​dry land surrounded by water from all sides. When talking about Indonesia, we are talking about a large number of islands formed by the volcanoes that erupt from the bottom of the ocean and the volcanic lava exits, with the passage of time these lava freezes to form a dry land in the water This archipelago is located in the Indian Ocean, between Southeast Asia and Northern Australia.
The total number of the group of Indonesian islands is about “17.508” islands, and the area of ​​these islands is estimated at 1,904,000 km2. Some of these islands are uninhabited by the population and their lands are still untouched by human hand, which provided these islands with natural beauty and unique plant diversity. The total population of Indonesia is estimated at 238 million, ranking first in the Islamic world, and population density varies from one island to another. Some of the islands are among the most densely populated regions in the world.

The importance of islands

The Indonesian islands contain a unique geological and biological diversity. These islands are considered the products of volcanic eruptions. The volcanic dust that spreads over these islands provides very high fertility soils, and the occurrence of these islands within the range of moderate tropical climate throughout the year due to the influence of water bodies and abundance The rains led to the formation of a diversified plant cover. Dense forests spread on some islands, especially uninhabited populations, and weeds and weeds spread in others; all these conditions made the agricultural sector an advanced sector characterized by the magnitude of its annual production.

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The most important islands of Indonesia

The most important islands of Indonesia:

  • Java: It is estimated that the island has an area of ​​about 132,000 square kilometers, with a population of about 127 million people. It is one of the most densely populated parts of the earth. Muslims constitute 93% of the island’s population and Java is one of the most important Indonesian islands as the city of “Jakarta” is the political capital. For the country.
  • Batam Island: This island occupies the second place in terms of economic and commercial importance, where commercial markets spread, and its people work in agriculture, as its soil is characterized by high fertility.
  • Bintan Island: This island is the headquarters of the marine boat stations coming from Malaysia and Singapore, as it is the commercial island, as it is located the most wonderful tourist resorts; the island is filled with tourist activities throughout the year.
  • Lombok Island: This island is considered one of the most beautiful Indonesian islands, as it is an island of tranquility and beauty, has beautiful and clean marine beaches, and the most famous of these beaches are “Sanqiqi Beach” and “Kuta Beach”, and these beaches are spread by tourist resorts, and the finest restaurants, markets and hotels. One of the most famous tourist resorts on this island is the “Holiday” resort, and one of the most famous hotels is the “Sheraton Hotel”.

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