Islands of Malaysia

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Islands of Malaysia

Malaysia consists of 878 islands according to the statistics of the Malaysian Surveying and Mapping Department, 394 of which are located in the state of Sabah, and Malaysia contains 510 coastal geographical areas not classified as islands, which appear in the water in the form of hills or rocks, despite the possession of most The islands of the state of Sabah have their own identifying names, but many other islands without names are removed, while some of the most important islands of Malaysia are mentioned:

Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island is located near the western coast of Malaysia, and it is also called the beautiful island of Bang Ko any island, due to the green nature and its white sandy beaches. The island can be explored by driving a bicycle through its hills and rugged roads, and getting to know its most important features, such as: a temple Fu Lin Kong and Lin Yi Hong Temple, in addition to the possibility of hobby fishing and other fun water activities spread on its most important beaches, namely Teluk Nipah, Pasir Bogak.

Perhentian Islands

Perhentian means a stopping point in the Malaysian language, and this is what Perhentian Islands represent in view of the beauty of its crystal blue waters thriving in aquatic life, and the northeastern coast is the best way to reach these islands. Each has its own character, while the smaller Perhentian Kecil Island attracts young people, and those with limited budgets, Perhentian Besar is focused on attracting more mature tourists and tourist resort seekers.

Borneo Island

The Malaysian government shares ownership of Borneo with Indonesia and Brunei, and despite this, Borneo is the largest Malaysian island region in terms of area, with Malaysia owning 26% of the island’s land, while Brunei owns 1% of it, and the remaining area Of them, it follows the Indonesian government in terms of ownership, and includes the island of Sabah, located in the northern part of it, and the city of Sarawak, in the northwestern side of it.


Seychelles Islands

Japan’s Rabbit Island


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