Issuing a NAS boarding pass

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Many are searching for a way to issue a boarding pass at flynas, and we find that it is possible to issue the card through the Internet for all flights originating from the airports of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Dubai, and through the article we will learn about the correct steps to issue it on the Arab Travelers website.

Plane boarding pass on flynas

We find that the registration opens and the plane boarding pass is generated electronically through the Internet 48 hours before the flight departure time, and the registration is stopped two hours before departure if the flight is international and an hour if the flight is internal, and registration is done in order to issue the boarding pass electronically Through the People’s Aviation website or through its application, and this is done by printing a copy of paper or choosing the QR code for the plane boarding pass.

Steps to issue a NAS boarding pass through the site

  • First, visit the official website of Al-Nas Airlines by clicking here.
  • And now you have to choose
  • Then you will be taken to the
  • You must fill in the blank fields: the reservation number obtained – your e-mail address – last name (last name).
  • Click Check-in now
  • And now you will go to the page for flights and travelers until you write the name of the traveler and the flight for which you are required to issue a boarding pass.
  • Accept the terms and conditions after you have read them well.
  • When you’re done, press the
  • By following all the previous steps, the boarding pass was issued with success, you can now view it and then download a copy of it when you click on the button below (Download All Boarding Passes).
  • Issuing a boarding pass through the flynas app

    The application is characterized by the use of the latest generation of search engines and has an eye-catching design which makes the experience of using it enjoyable, and we find that through the application users can book new flights, and find the best flights at distinct prices and then book with ease, and also allows buying Additional services, providing meals during trips, choosing the seat you prefer to sit in, and many distinct services, in addition to the service of issuing a plane boarding pass, which you will not need to go to the airport but rather the copy will be stored on the mobile, and this is done through The following simple steps:

    • To start with, you should visit or download the flynas smartphone app by clicking here.
    • Choose the option
    • You will then be taken to the flynas issue page.
    • Now you must fill in the following fields: last name – reservation number – your email.
    • Then click on
    • You will be directed to the
    • And then read the terms and conditions until you agree to them and then choose the
    • Finally, a boarding pass appears in the form of a barcode so that it is easy for you to board the plane, download a copy.

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