Istanbul is one of the most beautiful Turkish cities ever, characterized by charming views of the Marmara Sea shore and the Bosphorus Bay, with countless tourist places in Istanbul that are suitable for family or young people, which are distributed between open parks, malls, popular markets, cities Istanbul theme park, coastal resorts and more, so Istanbul tourism is an unforgettable experience.

The most important thing that distinguishes tourism in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular is the city of Istanbul games, the focus of our report, and we will provide you with the best options for game cities in Istanbul.

Best hotels in Istanbul

In the following report, we collected a package for you from the best hotels in Istanbul, Turkey, which varies in prices and services provided, all of the hotels we recommend to you .. Read more

Istanbul Games City

The best city of Istanbul games

During the next few lines, we will get to know the best games city in Istanbul.

Via Land Istanbul

Via Land is the largest game city in Istanbul ever and one of the most entertaining places in Istanbul from tourists and locals. The total area of ​​Vialand Istanbul is 2.5 square kilometers, the equivalent of a football field.

The city has a large number of games suitable for adults and children, with spaces for eating and relaxing .. Read more

Game cities in Istanbul

Bostanci Lunapark

Bostanci is the city of Istanbul games that brings together all the elements of entertainment in one place, from the large and varied electric amusement parks to the large areas dedicated for horse riding, and other games suitable for young guests.

Bostanci is a 10-minute walk to the northeast of Bostanci Station … Read more

A city of games in Istanbul

Viasi Istanbul games city

Istanbul Games Park, where a large number of entertainment centers gather, the most important of which is a giant fish tank that allows to see the diverse marine life and stunning colorful creatures, in addition to the amusement park and exciting electric games such as the death train and the giant waterwheel. .

work hours

From Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 noon to 11:00 pm.

Monday closed.

The largest games city in Istanbul

Aqua Marina Istanbul

Is the city of Istanbul games favorite for a large number of visitors, especially families, because it is a family place par excellence, characterized by the presence of large-size swimming pools with a large number of water games and sledges, next to the water facilities The park owns a group of the best landscapes in the city .. Read more

Istanbul Games City

Aqua Dolphin Istanbul

Water park in West Istanbul on wide areas characterized by the presence of a variety of games suitable for all ages, characterized by the presence of giant swimming pools with rubber slides, as the place provides extended green areas and areas designated for enjoying biking or scooter .. Read more

Istanbul Games Park

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