Tourism in Istanbul needs a program that guarantees seeing the most important tourist places in the city, as well as some free activities to get to know the ancient city closely. In this article, a set of proposed activities to do during tourism in Istanbul include various types of recreational and cultural matters, walking tours and others.

What to do during tourism in Istanbul

Visit the spice market

The “Spice Market” is the second largest market in Istanbul after the “Big Market” and a wonderful tourist tour. Many products can be purchased from the Spice Bazaar such as dried fruits, spices, incense, Turkish coffee, and nuts. Read also: Popular markets in Istanbul

Attending technical presentations

Turkey and the city of Istanbul are abundant, especially for the Sufi teams called “dervishes.” These dervishes express themselves and the conditions of their hearts with dances in which they revolve around themselves, taking the form of a sunflower plant. .

Eat local food

Turkish cuisine carries a unique mix of East and West kitchens as it is Turkey that stretches between the continents of Asia and Europe. However, the local taste also has its own unique taste, especially sweets and some of the foods served in the streets of Istanbul.

Boat trips in the Bosphorus

If the tourist period in Istanbul is limited and you want to see the largest number of tourist places, we advise you to take a boat trip in the Bosphorus Strait. During the course of the boat, you will be able to see many Istanbul landmarks such as famous mosques, ancient palaces, and public parks.

Visit the Hagia Sophia

Tourist places in Istanbul are more than prepared, but there are places that cannot be missed. At the top of the places to visit during tourism in Istanbul is the Hagia Sophia Mosque. See the unique architectural designs of this place which was an eastern church and then became a Romen church and then became an eastern church again In the end, it became a mosque that summarizes the arts of history in one place.

Visit the Galata Tower

Ascending to the top of Galata Tower gives you the most beautiful views that you can get to Istanbul, this is in addition to the tower that resembles fairy towers in legendary stories.

Eating in fine dining

There are a group of restaurants with wonderful views of Istanbul, some of which overlook the ocean directly and others over the city’s attractions.

Visit the Istanbul Museum

One of the most magnificent attractions in Istanbul, which includes three museums in one place. The Istanbul Archeology Museum includes a special section for ancient eastern antiquities, a section for Islamic art, and an archeology section.

Visit the miniature garden

The park includes miniature models of monuments found in ancient Ottoman provinces.

Visit the Princes Island

Princes Island is a group of 9 islands known since the Byzantine era and the days of the first Ottoman Empire as a health resort for the sons of the ruling secret. Now, the islands are one of the most important places of tourism in Istanbul, especially for newlyweds.

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