The Istanbul Tourism Guide is the focus of our article today, thanks to the proliferation of Turkish series in recent years, which have become the best promoter of tourism in the Turkish capital, Istanbul has become one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, it has all the ingredients that make it attract tourists from all countries, and among the most important Its possession is archaeological and historical places, gardens, parks and wonderful natural scenery, and through this article in the Arab travelers we will get to know the most important tourist places in Istanbul.

Istanbul tourism guide

Bridal Hill

The bride’s hill in Istanbul is characterized by its charming nature and wonderful views that made it one of the most attractive places for visitors, whether tourists or for the local city residents, and this park overlooks many historical monuments such as the Golden Horn, Sultanahmet, Bosphorus strait and others.
The puppet hill contains gardens and green squares comprising a distinguished group of lily flowers, pine forests and several famous plant species, in addition to many types of migratory birds, which makes it a suitable place for the hiking of new couples.
Visit times: All days of the week from eight in the morning until midnight.
Bridal Hill

Dolma Palace is a delight

It is one of the most famous Turkish palaces, which is located in the Besiktas region, and its construction dates back to the 19th century as it was the administrative center of the Ottoman Empire in the city, and it remained so until its ownership was transferred to the National Heritage Foundation of the Turkish Republic in the early twentieth century.
Dolma Palace is characterized by the beauty of its design and its contain of many rooms that number 258, in addition to 46 hall distributed in its flanks, which are distinguished by its luxurious furniture and its ornate ceiling that hangs from huge crystal chandeliers, and the gardens surrounding it include fountains and wonderful sculptures.
Among the most famous contents of the palace is the Ataturk Chamber located in the Hermelk, in which Mustafa Ataturk spent his last days, along with the Watch Museum and the Sultan’s Library, which includes a distinguished collection of books.
Entry prices: 60 pounds to enter the peace, 40 pounds to enter the harem.
Visit times: Every weekday except Monday from nine in the morning until four in the evening.

Dolma cheerful

Emirgan Park

The history of Amirjan Park, located in the north-east of Istanbul, specifically in the Sarıyer region, dates back to Byzantine times, and it is one of the most important and largest tourist attractions in the city in terms of area, which reaches 117 acres.
Emirjan Garden contains a distinguished group of plant and tree species dating back to the ages of Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations, which number 120 species, such as rice, oak, camphor, etc., and the garden is famous for organizing the tulip festival in April every year.
Among the most important things that visitors of the park enjoy is the most beautiful and rare birds singing in the lakes and trees scattered in the sides of the garden, in addition to playing with squirrels and watching their beautiful movements.
For lovers of tranquility and relaxation, they can sit on the wooden benches on the shores of the garden lake, through which you can enjoy watching the water birds swimming in them such as ducks and geese, and the park also provides paths for hiking or jogging amid stunning landscapes.
Emirgan Park

Kelios Beach

It is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Turkish capital, and extends on the coast of the Black Sea, and the beach is characterized by its green-covered hills, its soft sand and its wonderful clear waters, which made it an attractive place for families to spend their holidays in.
The beach includes a long walkway, through which jogging and walking can be practiced, as well as cycling. It also contains seating places of a distinct level. In the sunset, the beach turns into a wonderful painting that can be enjoyed in a charming natural setting.
Kelios Beach

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