Istanbul wholesale market guide

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Information on the wholesale market in Istanbul and its cheapest markets, Istanbul is a beautiful and charming city, which is one of the most important cities in the world for tourism, and is a distinct cultural destination, and it is one of the oldest cities in the world, and it has various names through historical eras, and is characterized by the presence of many tourist places, It is an essential destination for those working in the commercial field, because there are wholesale markets in Istanbul, as it has many wholesale markets that Arab travelers show you.

Istanbul wholesale market

Istanbul is characterized by the multiplicity and the multiplicity of its markets, with different types of products being sold and bought in the market, so it is unique in diversity, such as the markets for selling ready-made clothes, the markets for selling textiles, the markets for the sale of spices, and many other markets that attract both the tourist and the dealer.

The most famous wholesale market in Istanbul

Souk Othman Bey

One of the most important markets of the Turkish capital, Istanbul, which specializes in selling the finest types of clothes, and international women’s textiles at the best prices. This market offers its products at wholesale prices.
This market includes many companies, specialized in the field of textiles that Turkey is famous for. Turkey has a great reputation in the field of fashion, and the new fashions of women’s and men’s clothing alike, but this market specializes in women’s clothing, due to the large number of shops available. , And companies for women’s clothing compared to the number of stores, and companies that specialize in men’s clothing in Dakhla.
Faisal has more than fifty large and small garment companies, and these companies are distinguished by exporting their products to all parts of the world.
Osmanbey Market is also located in the most prestigious areas of Istanbul because of the number of embassies, foreign consulates, and the finest tourist hotels in Istanbul.

Souk Lalali Market

The Lalali Market is located in the old city of Istanbul, in the Fatih region, which is one of the historical areas of Istanbul, and the tourist area of ​​Istanbul, where there are the most famous markets of Istanbul, and its most important tourist attractions, which is the covered market, and also includes the Fatih area, Sultan Ahmed Mosque.
The Lalali market is famous for being the most popular place in Istanbul for the Arabs. It is also known for the huge number of shops that allow the sale of products at wholesale prices.
Lalali Market specializes in selling all kinds of clothes of international brands, and it is noted for selling leather goods with the finest materials, such as shoes and elegant bags.

Mahmud Paşa Pazarı Market

It is located near the famous Egyptian market (Misir carsis) specialized in selling the finest types of international spices, in the Amineno region.
It is characterized by the presence of many murals dating back to the fifteenth century, which is one of the largest markets in Istanbul, and is famous for its permanent crowding, as it is frequented by many citizens, and tourists because of its various commodities and suitable prices, as it is the destination of traders in Turkey to buy the requirements of their stores. Commercial wholesale price.
There are many clothing stores, shoes, household items, accessories, leather goods such as shoes, bags, children’s clothes, occasion clothes, white wedding dresses, evening fashion, handicrafts, furs, phone maintenance shops, and accessories.
There are also cafes and restaurants that offer delicious Turkish food at the best price.

Istiklal Caddesi Independence Street

Istiklal Street shops are among the best wholesale markets in Istanbul, where it is distinguished by the diversity of products, the most famous of which are the various clothing stores; there are stores for women’s clothes, men’s clothes, children’s clothes, and sports clothing, and there are many shoe stores, and various leather bags.

Pazar Marter Market

The Marter Market is one of the best wholesale markets in Istanbul, and it is characterized by the presence of many clothing stores inside it, it is a market specialized in selling clothes, as it has a number of shoe stores and bags, and it offers its products at wholesale prices.


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