Istanbul is one of the richest tourist cities with its great history and supreme civilization, as it is an integrated city that attracts tourists as it spreads all modern and ancient entertainment, and Istanbul amusement parks are among the best tourist places for children in Istanbul and one of the most important factors attracting visitors in Turkey, especially families.

Below, we will highlight the most popular Istanbul theme parks for children that have a great role in stimulating and reviving tourism in Turkey, and together we will see some entertainment cities in Istanbul for children such as: KidZania Games City, Aqua Marina Istanbul, Bostanci Luna Park, and many others.

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Best hotels in Istanbul

Istanbul is known for its elegant hotels and exquisite resorts that offer tourists the best comfortable accommodations. Learn about the best hotels in Turkey in Istanbul that have won the approval of Arab visitors through the following report .. Read more

Best hotels in Istanbul

Best amusement park for children Istanbul

Istanbul is characterized by a proliferation of amusement parks for children, which parents resort to entertain their children, especially during school holidays. Indeed, all children need a day of recreation to extract their inner energies away from the school life, we will learn in the report on the 6 most important places of entertainment for children in Istanbul, Turkey.

KidZania Istanbul

It is considered one of the most entertaining places for children in Istanbul as it contains many interactive mini-occuAl Bahahns with many buildings aiming in miniature so that children feel as though they are responsible for a specific profession, so each child chooses the occuAl Bahahns that he likes to try on his own, it is a city of embodiment games aimed at Building strong personalities for children, while developing all their physical, mental, and sensory skills … Read more

Places of entertainment for children in Istanbul

Via Land Istanbul

One of the best amusement parks in Istanbul for children and adults, as it contains a wide range of interesting games, as it includes a separate area for children only, and Vialand Istanbul contains many shopping centers, it is an integrated city that includes the pleasure of shopping and entertainment in one place, in addition to holding many parties , Theatrical performances, and various exhibitions .. Read more

Istanbul theme park for children

Aqua Marina Istanbul

One of the best entertainment places in Istanbul for children and adults, it is characterized by providing a lot of exciting water games where enjoying swimming and water slides, in addition to enjoyable sports such as golf course and bowling hall, this works to develop children’s creative abilities and develop them physically, and you can also relax in the green trees that Shining a light of its striking beauty .. Read more

Entertainment places for children in Istanbul

Istanbul Dolphinarium

One of the most beautiful water entertainment cities that attract many different ages, it is one of the most luxurious entertainment places for children in Istanbul to enjoy watching live musical performances of some marine marine creatures such as dolphins and seals, and is characterized by being a trip from the underwater safari where children play swimming with young dolphins In a small swimming pool not exceeding five meters deep .. Read more

Entertainment places in Istanbul for children

Bostanci Lunapark

It is characterized by being one of the most enjoyable amusement parks in Istanbul for children and group families, it is suitable for all age groups starting from children from the age of three years, with a lot of competitive competitions that are done between children and some of them and between children and their parents, it works to recover the psychological state of children in a large way, Spend a delightful day of exciting adventures .. Read more

Places of entertainment for children in Istanbul

Snow theme park in Istanbul

It is characterized as one of the most entertaining places for children in Istanbul, as it attracts daily many school trips, Turkish families and foreigners, located in Torium Mall and provides many amazing snow games amid low temperatures, while giving heavy clothes and follow-up to some professional trainers, and it provides visitors with the pleasure of skiing On the snowy mountains as if they were real mountains .. Read more

Istanbul theme park for children

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