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According to this report, Turkey (in English: Turkey) will be the fourth tourist country in Europe, and the sixth in the world, as it has visited it according to the number of tourists who are attracted to each country annually. Around 37,800,000 visitors, knowing that Turkey is only one of the largest countries in Europe in terms of tourism, only three countries are: Italy is ranked third with about 47,700,000 visitors, and Spain is second with about 60,700,000 visitors, but the first tourist country in Europe, but in the world All, it is France that LGA number of visitors almost 84.7 million visitors.

The most prominent tourist cities in Turkey

Turkey includes many tourist cities that interest the tourists, and each has its own luster, archaeological and tourist attractions that contribute to attracting millions of visitors to Turkey annually, most notably:


Istanbul (English: Istanbul) is one of the largest architectural and cultural cities in the world, and it is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Turkey, because it contains archaeological buildings with a long history, such as palaces, mosques, museums, and other monuments scattered in them, which made them to be included in the list UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1985. The most prominent of these attractions:

  • the blue Mosque: It overlooks the Bosphorus, is distinguished by its historical architecture, and is easy to explore from a distance through its six distinct minarets. The mosque still stands, allowing visitors to enter it, and watching its blue court, whose name is called the mosque.
  • Aya Sofia: It was the greatest Christian church in the world until the Ottoman conquest in the fifteenth century, and at that time the Ottomans converted it to a mosque, which soon became a museum.
  • Topkapi Palace: It was a place where the Ottoman sultans resided in the past, but it was soon converted into a museum when the Ottoman Empire fell and instead the Turkish Republic was declared in the 1920s.
  • Hippodrome: It is considered one of the oldest monuments in Istanbul, and its construction dates back to the second century AD, and it was the center of the city for more than four hundred years, knowing that it was then a field for horse racing, although it now represents a park that includes three ancient columns.


Ankara (Ankara: English) is the official capital of Turkey, and its administrative center, and the Turkish people consider it a symbol of independence and modernity, as it has a mixture of modern architecture and historical monuments in its various neighborhoods, which makes it an area attractive to tourists to explore its distinctive architecture and see the cultures in Turkey, The Citadel of Ankara is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in it, as it enables its visitors to see Ankara from a high place, and in all directions. It should be noted that the aim of building this castle was for defensive military purposes, but it is currently considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city of Ankara.

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